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Me @ Clinique Star Tour 2010 - Pavilion

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"It's every girls' dream to be on the cover of a magazine.."

The Clinique Star Tour is finally here!! I've been waiting for this since forever ago. Made a date with Camie to go to their Pavilion stop yesterday. Behold the Star Tour Truck! A 3-tonne truck custom fabricated to house 8 make up and hair stations,  a mini studio with a photographer and a convenient Clinique counter. Makes me feel like I'm on location for a shoot. *wow*

Yup there's a truck in there somewhere

We were the earliest there at 1030am. It was only supposed to start at 11am. That's how excited we were. While waiting we checked out the Clinique Star Tour lounge equipped with on-site laptops where we viewed the pics of the contestants from yesterday's Sunway Pyramid location. They're so young! *did i just give away my age again.. lol*

At about 1115am with a few more young hopefuls around we registered and bought the Star Tour voucher priced at RM30. Both Camie & I opted for the "Young & Chic" look. By this time the weather didn't really help, it got really cloudy and started to drizzle.

Courtesy of Clinique :)

Look at the clouds at 11am

Those Clinique brollies were rather pretty,
should've ran off with one.. lol

We didn't have to wait very long, 10 minutes later we were whisked away to the Star Tour truck for our skincare consultation & prepping. Nicole who attended to me was really helpful in recommending products that were suitable for my acne prone combination skin.

Skincare consult

Prepping my skin before getting prettified ;)

Then it was make up time! Yay! David Ooi, Clinique's trainer came over to find out what type of look and colours I was looking for. We decided on strong eyes and natural lips with a hint of colour on the cheeks. Mable's work on my eyes was beautiful. I had strong teal coloured eyes! Would never have done it myself, coz it would have gone terribly wrong. *imagine bruised eyes* Mable also shared with me some tips on applying eye make up. Very helpful, but I still need to practice more. :(

Mable applying foundation on me

Next - hair by Salon Esprit. Since I came with curls, I decided to keep it that way. So they just emphasised it a bit more. 15 minutes later, a head full of curls. *lurvin it!*

Courtesy of Clinique

After that my number was called to wait in line for the photoshoot session. Then all I heard was, "Put your hand here. Sit on the chair. Lean forward a bit. Look down. Smile." America's Next Top Model anyone? Sure felt like it. Each participant got about 9 shots each. Then choose 1 to upload for the contest and you also get to bring home a printed copy. How cool is that!

Waiting for our turn

The photographer in action

Thanx Camie for taking these! :)

Quite a lot people by the time I was done

I didn't really feel like leaving the truck yet, it was just ridiculously fun. But I had to make room for other participants. Off to collect my goodie bag and found myself being asked to hang around to be interviewed about my experience. Gladly did, coz I had loads of fun!

At the Star Tour lounge with our prints

The Clinique Star Tour is a great time to get your girlfriends together and make this a girly outing. Make up, hair & pose for the camera! This is a brilliant campaign by Clinique, so go join in the fun!

*Note: To qualify for the contest you have to be between 15-25 years old. But don't worry if you're older, you can still join in the fun just not the contest! :)

Visit for the Star Truck locations as they will be going around the country. Pictures and vidoes from the stops will also be uploaded on to the site. Hey you might even see my short interview there.. ;)

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  1. oh.. you look gorgeous as you always are!
    I missed it! Pavilion is the best location for me.. I wonder do I have time to go other location for my session! >.<

  2. thanx jean.. :)

    you have to try & go, you'll definitely have fun! & you can enter the contest.. :)

  3. you're generous with your complements tammy.. thanx loads.. :)

    but at my age, a bit expired already for modelling.. lol!

  4. awww...fatin you are always so gorgeous ^^
    And the hair style suits you quite eh ? what's the doorgift huh ?

  5. thanx anna :)

    didn't realise i forgot about the door gift.. there's a travel size long last glosswear, turnaround concentrate 7ml and RM50 voucher from Salon Esprit.. :)

  6. u looked absolutely gorgeous, love the curls :)

  7. You are really photogenic BGirl Slim-tin!! :-)

  8. thanx loads irene.. i'm kinda hooked on those curls at moment.. ;)

  9. pigita: dope yaww! *ignore me* lol

    thanx pigita! it's gotta be the curls.. ;)

  10. u are already so outstandingly pretty! love ur curls!

    xoxo elle

  11. argh!!!

    i rasa nak buat curls jugak, tapi pakai tudung sure jadi tudung hair.


    anyway...... babe. gi la modelling agency, get a portfolio. you seriously SHOULD model laaaa.

  12. thanx so much elle.. *hugz*

  13. kit: can buy curling iron then can diy at home.. ;)

    i past sell by date already la kit.. agency wont take me.. so i model part time for my blog only.. lol.. :P


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