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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Facial

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I didn't realise Bobbi Brown offered facial treatment until about 2 weeks ago. As it was to promote their latest Hydrating Skincare range, I jumped at the chance to try it out. ;)

"This Enriched Mineral Water-infused line gives your skin exactly what it needs to stay healthy: moisture. The creams have a lightweight texture so they melt right in, keep you skin soft and glowing all day and make sure that foundation and concealer  go on smooth and evenly. And with their clean botanical scent, the products smell as fesh as they feel." - Bobbi Brown

When I got there at about 1040am last Thursday, Simone the Bobbi Brown Pavilion Store Manager introduced me to Angie who was going to be my therapist for the session.

Angie started off by removing my makeup and cleansing it with Lathering Tube Soap. The rich texture of this soap left my skin feeling comfortable and refreshed. Then proceeded with Buffing Grains for Face which smoothes and renews.

After being buffed.. Does my skin look renewed? :P

The next step left a pleasant lingering scent with I found relaxing. I had a facial massage using the EXTRA Balm Rinse. It had a thick texture which left my skin feeling quite moistursed even after having it removed.

To lock in the moisture I had a mask put on. Angie soaked a paper mask in the Soothing Face Tonic and left it on for about 5 minutes. Very cooling.. :)


After my skin absorbed all that liquid, it was hydration time. I had the Hydrating Gel Cream applied on my face. This is a refreshing water-based emulsion which is perfect for oilier & combination skin. Thats me!! I lurv the smell of the Tropical Grass! So crisp and fresh! And for my eyes, Hydrating Eye Cream. It has a light texture that absorbs easily and quickly.

From L-R: Lathering Tube Soap, Soothing Face Tonic,
Hydrating Eye Cream, Hydrating Gel Cream

The whole session took about 40 minutes. It was quite alright for a basic facial. Though I found the Buff Grain for Face may have been a tad coarse for my skin. But the Hydrating Skincare products used on me definitely Balanced, Revived and Hydrated really well. You probably can't see it in the photo below but my skin looked fresh and properly hydrated. :)

Please ignore the puffy & perpetually getting darker eye area..
Lack of sleep.. :(

To be entiled for a free facial treatment, you have to purchase RM150 and above. I'm not sure if all Bobbi Brown counters offer this but drop by and find out. Or just get in touch with Bobbi Brown @ Pavilion.

To find out more about Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Skincare Range click.

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