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My 1st Birthday Preszie of 2010!!

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It's from Miu @ Tammy of!!

♥ my pretty preszies.. *sigh*
Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm in Orange Tint
L'Occitane Lip & Cheek Stain in "Blush Like a Peony"

I'm not sure if she planned this but it just so happened that both of us are still on Raya break today and decided to re-energise ourselves at Aster Spring KLCC with their ORP Energy Therapy aka "The Chamber".

While having a club sandwich and spaghetti bolognese and scheming over future happenings, at San Francisco Coffee out came a Burt's Bees signature brown bag.

Hmmmm.. Wonder what's in here..

Miu : "Since your birthday is tomorrow I thought I might as well give you your present today" (not her exact words.. lol!).
Fatin : "Yaayyy!!" (my exact reaction.. :p). Maybe something from Burt's Bees? But I was misled..

Instead of opening to see what was in the bag I started a guessing game. Trust me do these things. My first guess: Lip Balm, since I lurv lip balms to the extent of ridiculousness *I can never have enough! ;)*. I was right! Next.. what brand??

Mui's 1st Clue: It's not sold in Malaysia and pretty packaging. Not until she said "Bling Bling" did I shrieked "JILL STUART!!!"

Miu's 2nd Clue: You went into the shop and liked something from there.. My finger pointed directly to the shop on my left, "L'OCCITANE!!!" She bought it some time in June!!

Excuse the over acting.. lol!


Omg!!!! I Super Lurv my presents!!! Thanx loads Miu!!!
*Huge Ginormous Hugzzz*
After that I continued lunch with a silly smile on my face.. lol!

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