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A Model Experience @ Parkson Pavilion

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I was one of the 20 shortlisted for Parkson’s first edition of The Style Journal – Christmas 2010 Edition photoshoot! The best part was I received the news on my birthday last week! *was jumping with joy! :p* Parkson gave me a birthday present, it was as if they knew!! *winks*

I was so excited on Saturday that I got to Parkson even before the shutters were up. Lol!  I could see the staff were just about to set up for the shoot through the shutters. Yeah I was peeping.. it kept me occupied while waiting.

9:45 am - I look sleep..

Soon as the shutters were up I met Joanne from Parkson at the United Colors of Benetton (UCB) counter and was swiftly whisked away to A Cut Above to get my hair done. Joanne explained the looked they were going for was Simple & Relaxed for both hair & makeup. Something different from my fave Rock Babe look.. ;)

They were still setting up the equipment

A familiar face! I met Desiree at the salon! (The sweet babe that helped me model some dresses for one of my posts last month).  I thought my hair was to be a bit straighter but I was soo pleased that the junior stylist defined my curls instead! Yay!! *lurv it when they do that..*

At the Salon with Desiree after our hair do session

I got to choose my top back at the UCB counter from their latest Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection. I spotted the green one I was admiring earlier with the pretty studded cat on the front and took it off the rail at lightning speed. *yeah yeah I know that sounded so kiasu.. lol*

I lurv the top!!

Makeup by RMK - it was all about the Autumn Brown 2010 A/W Collection. It's very natural & nude. Carley used the Deep Brown and Dark Brown Trio Eye Palette on me. Pale Gold Beige on my cheeks and Pale Beige on my lips. Since the Pale Beige shade made me look a bit sickly, it had to be topped off with a bit of gloss. Some gel liner and two coats of mascara later, I was ready to rock my photoshoot.

With Carley of RMK

Some of the Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

By this time Parkson's Ambassadors Kelly Jagan & Danny Lim,  winners of the Ford Models Malaysia 2009, were already around to help out the participants with posing and styling tips. Both Kelly & Danny gave me great suggestions on how to pose because half way through my session I was running out of ideas. *soo embarassing!*

Getting tips from Kelly :)

After about 20 minutes of sliding, kinda walking, attempting to look natural, trying to look cute, smiling too much, looking serious (this didn't work for too well.. lol), having fun and awkward pauses hoping to be inspired with more poses, my session was done. *phewh* Didn't realise I could feel so hungry after a 20 minute photoshoot..

Since my own camera had a mind of its own, it coutinued to click away..

With Joanne and two other guys who were shortlisted Jeremy & Brad

Kelly Jagan

Danny Lim

With Desiree :)

As I was about to change my top, I found out that I get to keep it!! The green cat top was miine!! Together with the rest of my goodie bag I went off for lunch.

Thanx Parkson for an extremely exciting experience!! I had loads of fun with the photoshoot and its was wonderful to get to meet Kelly & Danny!!

*Parkson will be uploading the chosen photos of the 20 shortlisted participants for voting really soon. So check them out on Parkson's facebook and please vote for me! I will keep you guys updated.. *hugzzz*

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  1. i luv yr green cat top, very nice :D hv fun modelling

  2. seems like you had a lot of fun there ! So great !
    Definitely will vote for you soon ^^

  3. I'm totally gonna give u full support!! <3

  4. The cat top is just so appropriate for you!

    It's making me green with envy though :-(

    Altogether sounds like a great session!

  5. You are so lucky Fatin! n your birthday even! this has got to be the first year ever for you ^_^

    must be exciting to suddenly be in the limelight like a model! u got what it takes! I don't care if u're short, u rock babe! rocker style rulex!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hey hey, what a pleasant surprise to know that it was your birthday when the call went through! you rocked the photoshoot! glad you had fun! have a super day! ;)

  7. sexy!!! reow reow


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