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Marquise Pâtisserie and Chocolaterie @ BSC

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Another one for Chocolate Lovers.. ;)

Tucked away in a corner..

Marquise offers handmade chocolates using Italian chocolate, cakes made using Belgian chocolates, chocolates sold by the gram which looked rather enticing, cookies nicely packed and cakes made-to-order for any occasion prettily decorated with sugar paste.

Pralines & Truffles - RM27/100gm
Rocky Chocolate - RM27/100gm

Dôme Au Chocolate Amande

Moist chocolate cake enrobed with dark chocolate and almond dragées.

The centre..

Yeah I chose this one for the round bit on top! I'm such a sucker for strange bits. Lol! The sponge was quite moist. You could taste the chocolate though it wasn't very rich. Half way through it, a lil surprise awaits you.. A smooth white chocolate mousse centre. It's right under that small chocolate ball. Which I later discovered was a chocolate coated hazelnut. I left the dark chocolate ring for last!

aka Black Forest Cake

Chocolate mousse and whole cherries sandwiched between layers of chocolate sponge coated every inch with Belgian chocolate shavings.

Black forest is just a classic. No Kirsch in this one though. Lol! The sponge was quite moist and the mousse was smooth. The chocolate shavings covering the slice was smooth and nice.

Both nearly gone now.. :p

Between the two I preffered the Black Forest. The cherries did it for me. Though overall I felt the cakes were just a bit better than average.

I would give the cookies and chocolates a shot the next time round. :) 

Top: Vanilla & Chocolate Salami - RM27.90 (tall)
Bottom Left: Dark Chocolate Almond Ma'amoul, White Chocolate Coconut Ma'amoul, Chocolate Heaven - RM29.90-RM39.90 (tall)
Bottom Right: Rose Almond Tuiles - RM16.90

G138 Annexe
Bangsar Shopping Centre

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  1. gr8 intro! i've always prefer bsc than bangsar village

    xoxo elle


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