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ChocolateCats 1st Birthday Giveaway!!

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It's time for Chocolate Cats & All Things Strange to show you guys some lurv for following, reading & stalking for a whole year! Thanx loads! :)


I thought I'd do something called "Caption Me"! Have you guessed what its about already? That was quick.. Lol! What you need to do is pick 1 (one) of the photos below and write a caption for it. It can be a short one, a not too long one or a 2 line dialogue.

Photo A

Meet my lil darlings:
Bobby - Black & White
Juicy - Ginger


Photo B

Could Garfield be telling me something? ;)

Be Creative, Funny, even Strange!!

Giveaway play by play
Step 1: Be a Follower! Click on follow.
Step 2: Choose Photo A or B
Step 3: Write caption
Step 4: Leave your details - Follower Id, Email
Step 5: Blog about it! Leave your link. (If you have a blog) ;)

Photo A
Bobby: Omg Juicy!! You smell!
Juicy: No.. that's you Bobby! It's your paw you're sniffing.. ;P
Follower Id: FatiN
I blogged about it @:

T&C of Giveway
1) Open to Malaysian residents only
2) One entry per person only
3) There will only be 1 (ONE) Winner
4) Winner will be announced within 2 weeks

Closing Date : 27th September 2010 (Monday) @ Midnight

Have Fun With This Guys!! :)

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  1. AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanx Miu! hope it's yummy enough! :)

  3. Photo A
    Bobby: juicy, kiss me.. :">
    Juicy: miang betul, dun u know now is ramadan month?? @@
    Bobby: then i wait until hari raya lah! :( nvm,countdown 4days..:)

    crazy monday with a crazy idea..alah, clap lah!! *_~

    Follower Id: Cindy

  4. Good giveaway that can be improved to Greatness by addition of CHOCOLATE!!


  5. step 1: sherry
    Step 2: A
    Step 3: Bobby-Let's go to the beach
    Juicy-let's see about that
    Step 4: Leave your details - Follower sherry, sherrygo at hotmail dot com
    Step 5:

  6. Wow verrie yummie giveaway!

    Photo B
    Garfield: Do u know there are many times I felt that you're more a cat than me?
    follower ID: Doroshi
    blog: (check back later, will update soon)

  7. Juicy: Eh Bobby, look over there, our boss Fatin is back now. She is sporting a great makeover today. Wonder where she had her makeover, so gorgeous!

    Bobby: Must be one of the makeover event la..

    Juicy: Wonder when she is taking us for a makeover ya?

    Bobby: Stop dreaming la Juicy, there is no makeup range for cats yet.

    Juicy: ya la, that's true.

    Follower ID: Lavender

  8. Photo B
    This is a story of Chocolate Cat mengganas Sunny Garfield…

    Sunny Garfield said:
    Meow!!! Meow!!! Chocolate Cat! why beat…beat me with your black furry. Oouchh! Ooouchh! painfulnya… I gonna tell Juicy and Bobby about this. Ish… Isshh… Issshhhh… smiling some more…. Grrrrrrr

    [This is just a joke. Fatin, Photo B looks like you are beating your Garfield with smiling face. Poor Sunny Garfield. I know you won’t beat it. They are your darlings, you luv them. Btw the black furry thingy is really STRANGE… LOL…]

    Follower id: Kelly
    Blog Link:
    I blogged about it:

  9. Ahh.. I saw you at the Rimmel FB contest lol

    Btw, may I know what gender is Juicy? I assume Bobby is a male lah lol

  10. hi isabel.. that was my terrible attempt at eye make up which i'm so not good at.. lol

    both bobby & juicy are boys.. they're brothers.. :)

  11. Photo A
    Bobby: Bro, Someone looking on us~
    Juicy: Yea! I know! They all thinking to write on our conversation for the giveaway by our pretty mum..
    Bobby: Shhhh......don't let them guess it out! We need to win the giveaway also! heheh~

    Follower Id: Ivy Lim

  12. Happy Birthday to Chocolate Cats @ All Things Strange and happy belated Birthday to you, Fatin.

    Photo A
    Caption: Bobby & Juicy is like Chocolate & Fatin, loving each other never endlessly, matching each other everyday.
    Follower Id: Wai Yee Chin
    Blog link:

  13. Photo B


    Garfield : Clarins? RMK? Shu? Laneige , Sasa Workshops? Bah, forget about them - what you really need is NAIR workshop for your hairy forearms!

    follower ID: Pigita

    email: you have it already

  14. Photo B
    Garfield : Psst.. Where did you get that fur on your arm? Don't tell anyone but I have a lil bald spot on my tail that I would like to fix.
    Follower Id: Isabel
    I blogged about it @:

  15. Photo A


    Bobby & Juicy: FATin?
    she ain't heavy she's our sistah!!

  16. Photo A
    Caption: Bobby and Juicy's Day out
    Bobby: Juicy, lets take over the world tonight.
    Juicy: No catnip, no power *yawns*
    Follower Id: Mabel

  17. Photo A

    BOBBY: (*chomp*)(*chomp*) I need to get a real job Juicy. Doing your nails all day is'nt fun anymore
    JUICY: okaaayy... and what would that be??
    BOBBY: There's lots i can be... I know! A.. A.... A .. Cat! Yeah!
    JUICY: (=_=") *faint*

    Follower Id: Aileen

  18. Photo A

    BOBBY: will we b forever..together..?
    JUICY: aiyah how many times i told u, of coz lar!

    Follower Id: with love, elle
    Email: wifluvelle at gmail dot com

  19. Photo B

    Garfield: Can you get me more Starbucks black coffee, you drank all mine and I am still sleepy

    Fatin: Wait until all the photographers go home lah garf-ling. I need your coffee for this occasion here.Plus, I look all set and pwetty today, don't ruin my moment ;)

    follower id:lady_capullete
    blog about it at:

  20. Photo A

    Juicy: What happen to you? why u have this kind of expression? OMG

    Bobby: I am S.H.Y

    Juicy: Oh! Who make you so shy? which pretty gal? ( looking around)

    Bobby : Fatin is taking photo of Handsome Me over there. She wants to introduce new gals to me by posting my photo on facebook! I'm going to be popular soon. Hehe.

    Juicy: Perasan Betul.

    Follower Id: XiaoYue
    Blog link:

  21. Photo A

    Bobby: Oh, hug me dear... I need you so much no matter how hard i control myself...
    Juicy: No! We can't perform so openly in public. Be patient!

    Follower Id: juli1202
    I blogged about it @:

  22. --- CLOSED ---

    Thanx loads guys for all your entries!! I'll pick a Winner in the next 2 weeks or sooner, so be sure to check back! :)

  23. Nice Post. I'm crossing my 50's still I got so excited after getting surprise birthday gifts and birthday cakes.


Appreciate your comments >_<