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Café Stelle by Raffles @ Pavilion

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It was one of those, "What shall I eat today?" episodes. Since I was at Pavilion and decided that I wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner, I found myself at Café Stelle.

This Italian-inspired dining can be found in the heart of Pavilion's chic couture wing. Despite the posh surroundings, it's actually a really nice place to chill especially if you choose to sit on the casual ottomans and loungers.

My happy satisfied look after a really good meal.. lol

Apart from the Pasta dishes, they offer salads & soups for starters, chicken & lambs dishes and of course desserts *big smiles*. To complement your meal, just choose from the variety of drinks in the menu, from coffee, freshly squeezed juices, Champagne, cocktails and a variety of mocktails.

Their portions are just enough for you to leave space for dessert. lol.. In other words, if you're starving you might have to order starters or sides with your mains or pastas. Hmm.. bangers & mash sounds quite good right about now.. ;)

Pollo alla panna e fungi - RM26

Slowly cooked chicken with mix mushroom and fresh cream, root vegetables and warm rocket salad

First thing that came to mind when this dish got to me was, "That smells really good!" The chicken was tender & succulent. The mash, smooth and the fresh cream sauce was well seasoned. I liked the purée of root vegetables that accompanied this dish. It complemented the cream sauce nicely. The mushrooms and rocket salad were fresh.

Cosciotto di pollo alla milanese e
salata pomodoro - RM32

Breaded chicken thigh served with confit of lemon and cherry tomato salad with fresh shaved parmesan cheese

This is one of those quick & easy Italian dishes. The breaded chicken thigh was tender and the fresh tomato sauce was just flavourful. The lemon confit gave the cherry tomato salad a slightly zesty yet refreshing taste. If I could ask one more thing of this dish was that, if it could only have a bit more parmesan shavings. *cheese phreak alert*

Dessert Time!! *droolz*

Torta al cioccolato e gelato di crema alla vaniglia - RM19

Café Stelle brownie with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

It came in this space age looking bowl. It looked so lovely I nearly tucked into it without taking some photos first. Lol!

First bite into the brownie, rich chocolatey taste. It was slightly dense, moist and with a slightly sticky texture. There were finely chopped fruit bits in it. Tasted a lot like winter melon *I stand corrected on this*. It gave an exciting break to the rich chocolate taste. The vanilla ice cream was light and smooth. The caramel sauce lent a perfect sweetness to this dessert as neither the brownie nor the ice cream was very sweet. I kept the chocolate stick bit for last coz it was a wonderful way to finish it off.

I savoured every bite of the brownie. Fabulous! *sigh*

Almond Milkshake - RM18

Vanilla ice cream, fresh milk, Maple syrup and Almond essence

It was lovely at first sip. Rich! The almond essence made the milkshake smell really good. The taste of the maple syrup was a bit strong though. Half way through the almond milkshake it got a bit too much. It wasn't the milkshake's fault though, it's just what milkshakes do. Lol!

Am I going back?

I always do! ;)
Good food at a reasonable price, what more can I ask for.


Couture Pavilion, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2118 8822
Operating hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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  1. wow the brownie w ice cream looks yummiee and the drink too!

  2. wanna try this long time ago but no partner..>.<

  3. doroshi: the brownie is super yummy!

  4. jean: just let me know when you wanna go.. i'll come with you.. :)

  5. you post made me hungry...n im fasting :-(

  6. lookin at the brownie makes me hungry too.. *salivating uncontrollably*


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