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5tars - Raya Collection 2011 Showcase

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Just as I was figuring out how my Raya outfit should be fashioned this year, I recieved an invitation from Nik Erwan Roseli, one of the talented 5stars (5 Stars) designers for a showcase of their Raya Collection  at KL Tower. The timing could not have been better. I was ready to be inspired!

With Nik Erwan

I have mentioned the 5stars in my Mifa BDA Gala 2010 post. But just to refresh your memory, 5tars is a collaborative team of five designers who have developed a strong bond of friendship and who have supported each other over the years since their days as UiTM graduates. They are now celebrated as emerging young talents who possess unique style and individuality that other young designers can only dream off. They have been awarded many prestigious accolades and are now much sort after by celebrities, famous personalities and even by those who want to be dressed in creative oppulence.

Introducing the 5tars - Rizman Ruzaini, Nik Erwan Roseli, Zery Zamry, Hazwani Osman and Hatta Dolmat.

5stars with their mentor Faizal Hamid (middle)

Rizman Ruzaini
Inspired by 60's Hollywood, the Eid-ul-Fitri at Tiffany's theme had Audrey Hepburn in mind while designing the collection. It is classic yet sophisticatedly modern and  luxurious. Targeted at fashionistas, they used Thai silk, Italian tulle, organza and crepe satin with floral inspired embroidery using sequins and diamante.

Fatin's pick - I lurv the neckline and detailing and the colour gradation for the skirt is beautiful. This could also look great in purple!

Erra Fazira

Nik Erwan Roseli
Themed Citrus Raya, Nik Erwan's collection draws inspiration from fruits colours, being bold by using three variations of fruit colours in each design. Going back to the classic silhouette of a traditional kurung by using chiffon, Thai silk and taffeta with wooden and stone embellishments, catered for the daring fashion lovers between 18-30 years, shocking colours such as red, orange, blue, pink & turuoise is fun, quirky and out to make a statement complete with that "Look at me" factor.

Fatin's pick - Great colour combination and mix of fabric. The embellishment for the top is perfect for a fun laid back look!


Zery Zamry
If you're going for a Royal Raya then Zery's collection might be the one. With modern kurung infused with minimal, simple and casual cut, the full draping tecknique falls perfectly on the body. Using satin silk and chiffon silk in ruby red, aqua marine and topaz yellow, lavishly embroidered with Swarovski stones merely enhances the regalness of the pieces. For the career woman who wants to look stunning.

Fatin's pick - I like the detailing done on the neckline and colour is great for looking chic.

Hazwani Othman
The 1920's and 1930's was when women's fashion began to be more soft, romantic and less restrictive. Hazwani's Raya Romance brings us back to that era by using crepe satin, French lace and chiffon silk with a palette of floral colours such as deep red, lilac, dusty pink, soft peach, yellow, ivory. Catered for sophisticated ladies who loves that feminie touch.

Fatin's pick - It's purple! The tiered skirt gets my vote for looking flirty.

Hatta Dolmat
The traditional kurung is here to stay with a feminine classic cut in Hatta's Kasyaf Classic collection. By using modern fabrics as well as the much loved classics such as brocade, lace, net and chiffon with attention paid to detailing, it gives that sense of a classic and luxurious style. Choosing pastel pallettes such as dusty peach, turquoise, grey, light gold, black and royal blue, it is perfect for the elegant woman who appreciates style.

Fatin's pick - I'm lurving Gold at the moment! This piece is super classy with a great cut and will make heads turn for sure.

After all that, I figured I found one that I like, instead I found many that I love! These designers never fail to bring something new to the table. It really is inpiring to watch their collections everytime.

If you guys like what you see and are looking for some to design a raya outfit just get in touch with the designers. Oh and it's not just limited to raya outfits of course, they design gorgeous dresses for any occasion. They're just that good!

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