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Rip Curl 6-Star Pro Surf Contest, Terengganu

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Surf's Up! No not the movie but it was a really good one but yes it has something to do with surfing. Last time I saw seriously hot surfer guys in action was in Hawaii. But get this, there is something huge happening in Terengganu come 30th November, the Terengganu Rip Curl 6-star Pro Surf Contest!! Hot surfer guys.. and babes on a Malaysian beach, now that is going to be nothing less than uh-mazing! It will be happening 30th November - 2nd December at Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu.

Mick Fanning Rip Curl teamrider surfed one of the greatest heats of his life in the Final of the 2012 Rip Curl Pro, has claimed the 2012 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach (read here)

The Terengganu Rip Curl Pro Surf contest 2012 is sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championships (ASC). During the 3=day 6-star pro event, surfers from different regions of South East Asia are expected to compete in  five different divisions - Men's Open, Women's Open, Master Division, Bodyboard Open and Longboard Open. What's the prize like? A total estimate of RM40,000 worth of prizes!

Malaysia will not go unrepresented as host country. Rip Curl (Malaysia) has signed off an official 1-year Official Rip Curl Malaysia Riders deal with two top Malaysian surfers - Bryan Ng and Brenda Lee. Brenda is currently the top lady surfer in Malaysia. Rip Curl (Malaysia) also renewed the official rider contract  for 17-year old surfer from Cherating, Mohd Suhaimi (Semmy). 

So if you are a surfing fan, you where you have to be at the end of November.  Not only will you get to check out some surfing action, you will also get to participate in tons of activities aimed to educate people about all things surfing. Indonesian top surfboard artist, Mr Rizaldi from Bali will be the guest artist for the Surfboard Art Exhibition. There will also be a booth with live demo of the process on making a surfboard. Jonni Morrison-Deaker, from the Rip Curl Bali Surf School will also be conducting a Surf Clinic. Don't expect miracles though but at least you will get a feel of what surfing is like.

By holding this international event, Rip Curl sets to craft Malaysia as one of the surfing destinations amongst the professional surfers from different regions and also to attract more people to experience surfing. It will also provide Malaysian surfers an oppurtunity to gain experience in competing at international level.

The press con was followed by a fashion show from Rip Curl's latest collection. So if you are planning on going to the 6-star pro contest and you don't know what to wear, drop by your nearest Rip Curl outlet.

Oh gosh, what I would give to watch the surfers and imagine the brilliant glowing tan I would get after 3 days. Always love me some colour, nuts I know. Sun, surf and awesomeness!

Coming up: Loads of stuff this week! 

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