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OnlyBeauty Bloggers Party

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OnlyBeauty recently launched their Bloggers Evangelist Program and threw a pamper party for a group of selected bloggers. I was so excited to be there despite feeling under the weather. If you guys haven't heard of OnlyBeauty by now, well it is an online beauty portal which provides free product samples and reviews among registered members. It also shares the latest tips and trends and you can easily interact with other members on anything beauty related. To be a member just simply register at and you will be on your way to beauty interaction bliss.

So back to the party. It was held at Posh! Nail Spa in TTDI and there were a list of things that were planned out. One of which was rather strange and I wasn't too sure what to expect. It started off with Laughter Yoga. No your eyes does not deceive you, that's what I typed. I mean, I do yoga but laughter yoga, what's that about?  Laughter Yoga came about in 1955 when an Indian physician developed an exercise routine by way of self-triggered laughter which provides physiological and psychological benefits. It is believed that by stimulating laughter it will turn into contagious laughter which will be able to alleviate or get rid off or cure pain and suffering by combining a unique exercise routine and yogic breathing. I figured I did rather well in this particular activity since I generally have no problems with spontaneous laughter. I'm all for strange!

The session continued for about 30 minutes led by Kit Ti the laughter yoga instructor with people in a group making funny faces, pointing, walking around, clapping, waving and trying to make each other laugh. I did feel more relaxed after that session. Though I didn't find it any less strange. *laughs*

Then it was mani & pedi time! The only part I wasn't looking forward to was the choice of colour. The colour used for the mani-pedi depended on each person's colour personality determined by the Colour Personality Analysis. Evelyn from ColourzWork explained that each person has a a colour that he or she is born with. It may not necessarily be our fave colour but it is that colour that best describes you personality and the one you identify with the most. There are a total of nine colours and each person will belong to one.

Determining it is very easy, all you have to do is add all the number of your birth date and you end up with a single number. For example: 10/12/2012 --> 1+0+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 9 (If you end up with a double digit, add those up until you get a single digit) Each number corresponds to a colour and that is how you indentify your colour. Obviously that's not my birth date. *giggles* After adding up my birth date I came up with 4 which is the colour GREEN! Before doing the calculation, we were asked to pick a colour that we think represents us, so I chose ORANGE. Big difference there.

From the colour table below you will see the personality of each colour. Not that I have anything against Green, I love it as a colour and I have quite a bit of Green clothes but I can't seem to identify with a Green personality as it is only a 20% match - I love animals, Animals are attracted to me and I hate to waste hence I tend to reuse. Looking at the Orange personality I seem to be able to identify with it a lot more. According to Eve, we have to embrace our birth colour to help our life fall into place. I'm not too sure how to embrace characteristics that doesn't seem to relate to me though. Oh well, I've decided to be an equal mix of Green + Orange. We'll see how this turns out in the future.

So there goes my toes painted in Green using OPI Jade Is The New Black which made my toes looked all moldy. *sobss* So I picked a different one for my fingers. Lucky for me OPI latest James Bond Collection has this fantastic shade of green - Live & Let Die which is a blackened or forest green with micro green shimmer. I completely adore this shade of green!! We are meant for each other.. More photos of OPI Live & Let Die here.

To end a super fun pampering afternoon, a contest to crown The Laughter Queen. Seriously. Lol! So there were about 10 girls laughing their heads off and they were judged by who has the longest and loudest laugh. This spontaneous laughter thing is really bizarre. That said, the title of The Laughter Queen went toooo.. *drum roll please*.... Me!! Yes, me! Bet you didn't see that coming. *spontaneous laugh* There's actually a video of the laughing contest focusing on me laughing like a looney thanks to Tammy but I won't be putting it up here. :P

Thank you OnlyBeauty and Tammy for organising this bloggers pampering session!! :)

OnlyBeauty | facebook

Posh! Nail Spa | facebook
31, Lorong, Dato Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03 78770815 or 03 77241890 

Laughter Yoga Instructor - Ms Kit Ti
Contact: 012 7379759

Colour Personality Analysis by Miss Evelyn

Party Moo Moo for balloons

*Note: Images which are not watermarked are taken from Only Beauty facebook.

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