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When The Evening Sparkles - Swagdolls Collaboration

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I was well excited when the babes over at Swagdolls got in touch with me to do a fashion collaboration. I think I was in a coral phase when I chose the pieces I was going to style because I ended up with a coral lace peplum which I wore to The Body Shop "Do Good - Feel Good" Christmas Party here , looks amazing in photos by the way and this coral maxi dress.

Since Christmas is near I figured styling it with a blazer and some sparkly jewellery would be perfect. I love the dress! It looks amazing flattering on me, makes me look like I have curves even when I obviously don't. The flowy cut gives it that flare and that bit of drama when I walk. Yes I always love some drama. *laughs*

You guys can visit Swagdolls online at or drop by their shop at Sunway Giza. You can get up-to-date pieces as well as timeless classics that works for all seasons. They have everything from clothes, accessories to shoes at an affordable price. As they put it, "At Swagdolls, every woman deserves to look gorgeous".

I found it really curious and amusing when I read their profiles and names they gave themselves.

fatimah - she is a tad bit delusional and thinks she's married to mcdreamy. she's also a hopeless romatic and a bona fide dreamer searching for all things beautiful.

dapur - she is directionally impaired. can't tell from her left to right but boy, she sure knows her kimchi. she has a bad sense of timing (is seriously working on it( but when it comes to shopping for all things awesome, she's a serious addict.

puteh - she thinks she's a jap baby born in the wrong body with a whacked-out soul. she's a so-called stylist on the side but really, she's wannabe jet-setter who travels the world for all things fabulous.

Finally they have a place to call their own. They believe that some things are always better when they are together! Isn't that a great way to get to know the brains behind Swagdolls. I love reading short descriptions like this, I feel it gives a brand character.

Check out what Swagdolls have to offer at and follow them on their facebook page to get latest updates. They have some pieces on sale currently. *winks*

Thanks loads Swagdolls for the fabulous pieces. Absolutely love them!

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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