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This Is Art!

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"This is art!", that was what MRZ said when he finally got the shots he was looking for. It's the first two photos. My reply, "Oh that's cool!". It sounded more enthusiastic in real life though. I was just excited to get to wear my new black high cut Converse. You can't believe how almost impossible it was to get a pair in my size. It was a fun day out! 

Shoes: Converse | Jumper: Forever21

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

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  1. love ur top n ur hair colour.nice pictures.Art,as u have called it:)
    Let's follow each other if u like to

  2. Hi Urban Raw,

    Thank you for your comment. What I meant by 'art' is the use of light in the first two photos NOT me in the photos. That would just be strange.

    Thanks for dropping by.


Appreciate your comments >_<