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iPhone 5 - Celcom First Plan

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It's here! It's finally here! So have you guys reserved the iPhone 5 with Celcom yet? If you haven't you only need a deposit of RM200 to ensure one spanking brand new iPhone 5 for yourself. Why Celcom? Well it has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, it offers the best network quality and it gives you the best web and video streaming experience with its stable connection.

I already mentioned what you can expect with the iPhone 5 in my earlier post here. Now I'm going to tell you about the amazing plan Celcom has to offer with Celcom First. Just choose the best Celcom First plan that suits your need.
  • Biggest savings of up to RM1,921
  • Highest data volume of up to 6.25GB a month
  • Bundled Usage up to 1,500 in minutes/SMS/MMS
  • Free 1GB Celcom First WiFi access

plans can be found at

The total payment upon registration for each iPhone model is - iPhone 2 16GB: RM2,038, iPhone 5 32GB: RM2,338 and iPhone 5 64GB: RM3,638. Subscription to the iPhone 5 packages also come with free data.

There is no excuse now not to sign up with Celcom to get your iPhone 5, the best network with the best plans. To find out more go to

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