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Sneak Peak: Chocolate Cats x Reebonz Christmas Fête

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I wanted to put off writing this until I get more photos from Reebonz but I am just itching to say thank you. The Chocolate Cats x Reebonz Christmas Fête was yesterday and I had a fabulous time. It was a small party and everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Well I hope they did. *wonders...* 

Thank you to the awesome people at Reebonz Malaysia for throwing this wonderful Christmas Fête for Chocolate Cats blogger friends and readers. A huge thank you to these two gorgeous babes, Amanda and Syaza for organising everything. You babes are fantastic!

To friends and readers who took time off to attend this intimate affair - Jean, Doroshi, Ann, Sherry and Coreen, thank you so much for being able to make it! I hope you guys are loving your early Christmas gifts! :)

There will be more photos and a longer write up real soon. I have to go get ready for the JLo Dance Again World Tour Live in Malaysia 2012 this evening. Going for tea first though. Things can't happen without tea. *laughs*

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  1. Thks u once again! I had fun n love molesting the bags too hehe. Love the pretty gifts n prizes. Pls let me know how to use the voucher as there us no code number


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