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"Do Good - Feel Good " Christmas Party with The Body Shop

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Just when I thought I knew what the party was going to be like, The Body Shop managed to surprise me. It's a really wonderful concept this year "Do Good - Feel Good" by giving joy to others. That's what Christmas is all about. 

So a part of Plan B at Midvalley was turned into Santa's gift wrapping workshop yesterday. I felt like an 5'4" elf in coral. Wrong height and colour but definitely the right mood! I think an elf hat and ears would have been really cool though. *laughs*

This year The Body Shop is bringing joy to the women and girls at The Good Shepherds Home. Everyone should get presents at Christmas. It may not be a really big present but it's the thought that someone cares that really matters.  Here's what guests were there to do, pick a product from The Body Shop Limited Edition Christmas range, wrap it and bring it over to their gift collecting kiosk. I chose the Ginger Sparkle Body Butter, this season's fave range as a gift. Best thing ever getting to share something I'm loving. Hope the person who gets it loves it as much as I do. I'm not really any good at fancy gift wrappings, I can wrap boxes and make a simple paper bag thingy and that's about it. Thanks to The Body Shop gift wrapping experts I learnt a new wrapping technique. Yayy!! And thanks loads to Alfie of The Body Shop for being my stand in photographer for this session. Otherwise there wouldn't be any photos. :)

After I was done, I headed to the kiosk to drop off my gift and check out more Christmas stuff. I already took a collection of photos of what The Body Shop has to offer for Christmas in a previous post here and I also did a write for the Winter Trend here. This is to remind you guys that Christmas is 17 days away and if you haven't done your Christmas shopping, you better start before all the good stuff runs out. I picked up the Limited Edition Ginger Sparkle in an adorable Gingerbread Man tin. I was told that this particular one is insanely popular this year that people are buying them in large amounts as gifts. I also got the ChocoMania deluxe set that comes in a heart shaped dark brown coloured tin. How was I suppose to resist this one. I also got the Limited Edition Vanilla Body Butter, so yummy!

Now wasn't that a productive 45 minutes trying to figure out what to get. I'm one of those difficult indecisive ones. :P That done, I found myself back at point A to finally try some food and do some catching up.

with Tammy and the awesome babes from The Body Shop

with Jean

Brilliant afternoon! Thanks loads The Body Shop for letting me be a part of something special that can make someone smile! 

Shout out to The Body Shop fans, there will be a RM28 promotion at all Body Shop oulets starting today until Sunday (9/12) in conjuction with The Body Shop's 28th Anniversary. *throws confetti* Hoorayy!! There will be a selection of items that will be sold for RM28 though I'm not sure what they are. The Limited Edition Christmas range is not included though. You guys would definitely want to have a look at this promotion. Happy shopping! :)

i wore a lovely coral lace peplum thanks to the peeps at swagdolls and my make up was by irene of lancôme

Yummy stuff I went home with.. 

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  1. Nice!!! Wonderful xmasy post Fatin, sweet and the joy of giving, kudos to The Body Shop!

  2. Brilliant party with a cause by The Body Shop!! Tons of fun! Thanks Tammy! ^^

  3. love love love the outfit! it was a fun party!

  4. thanks jean! :) yes, definitely a fun party!!

  5. so niceee! i can feel christmas addd! =D

  6. thanx henry! 2 more weeks, it's the countdown that makes it more fun.. :)

  7. Oh, that gingerbread container...I really like it!

  8. i know right, it's just adorable! that's why i couldn't resist getting it. *contented*

  9. you outfit look really nice :)) elegant feel =))

  10. thank you so much aby! :) hope you've done your christmas shopping, if not drop by the body shop ok.. ;)


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