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Kanebo Lunasol - Purifying Makeup

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I was excited when I received an invitation from Kanebo Lunasol to learn more about their Purifying Makeup as well as an exclusive preview of the Spring 2013 Collection which I will do a separate post on later this month because I am not going to spoil the surprise. What made it that much more exciting was that it was very small group of maybe about 12 people at the session. 

Since this my first invitation from a Japanese makeup brand I was curious to find out what the brand is about and the specific techniques they use. Kanebo Lunasol flew in Ms. Yumi Takada who is the Senior Makeup Artist & Trend Analyst, Manager, Beauty Research Institute, Kanebo Cosmetics Inc for the session. Although she explained through a translator, Ms Yumi was clearly excited to be at the session introducing the latest products and techniques from Lunasol.

"Lunasol believes that daily makeup is not just a habit or a duty, but a ritual that breathes life into a woman's beauty. Purifying Makeup method purifies from your skin to your soul."

The first demonstration emphasised the importance of base make up to achieve well-groomed skin. Here Ms. Yumi introduced the New Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation. It comes with a 2-sided sponge - the aerated side to pick up and apply the powder with and the smooth side to blend with.

Before applying foundation, create a perfect base for the skin using makeup base to ensure makeup lasts longer. Apply to forehead, cheeks, nose and the tip of the chin using a gentle massage motion in an outward direction.

Use the aerated side to apply powder to middle of the face outwards, to the nose bridge downwards and pat gently on forehead. Fold sponge to get into the smaller areas and corners of the nose. It can also be applied under the eyes. You can apply a little bit more to cover up any red areas. Then use the smooth side of the sponge to lightly blend out the powder to create a silky flawless complexion. You can also use your fingers to apply the powder using the middle and ring fingers then finish off using the smooth side of the sponge.

To finish off this luminous complexion look, all you need is blush for a flush of colour and lip colour or gloss. That's all you need for a quick and simple day look!

The second demonstration was on Purifying MakeupThere are three steps to Purifying Makeup - Well-groomed skin, Light and Shadow, and Facial Structure. 

First apply a makeup base then use the New Lunasol Skin Modelling Liquid Foundation. This new liquid foundation can be applied by using either your fingers, a brush or a sponge. Ms Yumi however recommends a sponge as it gives better and more even coverage. Start from the middle of the face and blend it outwards. Apply to forehead with a gently dabbing motion then to the nose bridge downwards. Fold sponge to ensure coverage around the nose and under the eyes. Then dab sponge on to the skin for a smooth finish.

Use Lunasol Nuace Change Concealer to enhance and highlight the natural facial structure. It comes in the form of a pen with a brush at the end making it very convenient to use. All you have to do is apply on the skin and then use your fingers or sponge to blend. This is best used on the cheek bones to highlight, cover up dark circles or spots and also to give better definition to the lip area by applying it around the lips. This is what it means by Light and Shadow.

To complement the base makeup use a loose powder. Apply with either a brush or powder puff and always tap off the excess. If using a brush apply with a placing method under the eyes and for the whole face use a wide circular motion. If using a puff make sure the powder holds to the puff by rubbing it against the hand before applying. Apply along the contour of the face and cheeks. Fold the puff to get into the corners. After either method use the back of your hand to check that the skin feels smooth.

With a smooth complexion comes a little colour. Start with the eyes. Apply a thin layer Eyelid Base to ensure the colour that will be applies lasts longer. Then apply the light shade on the lid to focus the light at the centre. Apply nuance shade into the crease to create dimension. Apply main colour usually a more stronger shade to the outer corner of the lid and blend in. Apply the shading shade above the lashes with a smaller brush and the outer corner of the lower lashes to shape the eyes.

Now for my favourite part which makes the eyes look fantastic - liner and mascara. Apply Lunasol Line Styling Eye Liner to the top lash line making sure it fills in the space between the lashes for a natural look. If you like, apply it to the outer corner of the lower lash as well. Then smudge to make it look natural. Apply the brighter shade of eye shadow right above the liner at the outer corner for a pop of colour. You can choose to use a gel liner for a bolder line or a pencil liner for softer lines.

Curl the lashes if you must then apply Lunasol Lash Defining Mascara WP from the roots to tips to give volume. Apply to bottom lashes to give it that extra boost. If your lashes are sparse, you can use a mascara base before the mascara.

For that which frames the face. The brows are super important. Too achieve an illusion of a smaller face if you are not blessed with one, draw the brows slightly thicker. Choose a brow colour that is closest to your hair colour so that it will not appear harsh. Ms Yumi used a Brow Styling Pencil to shape the brows and then filled it in with a Brow Styling Compact.

Lips. Moisturise the lips with Lunasol Lip Essence. Use a lip liner to define the shape of the lips with Lunasol Lip Shadow Liner. Apply lip colour of your choice using a lip brush. Blot with tissue to prevent bleeding and to make it last through out the day. Finally dab a bit of lip gloss on the centre of the lips to give it fullness.

The final step is to harmonise your makeup. Choose a blush shade which compliments you natural colour. Apply along the lines of the cheeks in a wide circular motion, holding the brush vertically. Apply shading powder to the the contours of the face for sharper definition. To emphasise features, apply highlighter to t-zone and cheek bones.

Two looks which are very easy to achieve. After the session Ms Yumi also shared various makeup tips as well as the philospohy of Lunasol and Why Women Wear Makeup.

Lunasol was named to express the many faces and inner mysteries a woman possess. LUNA means Moon and SOL mean Sun... light and shadow or response and motion...

It is an easy to grasp concept of achieving luminous complexion and getting that polished look without looking overdone. Now if only my skin was much clearer I could work the looks a lot better. *sigh* The exciting afternoon ended with a yummy lunch and Jean and I going camera happy!

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