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Afternoon Tea & Mille Feuille @ THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt KL

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I'm not going to start by going on about how difficult it is to find a good afternoon tea in KL. That would be so predictable. Instead, I'm going to start off this post by saying, "Afternoon Tea at THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt KL was amazingly lovely to say the least.." You all know how I've raved about the desserts at THIRTY8 in my previous posts, the Afternoon Tea did not disappoint!

I was well pleased to see there were more sweet treats than there were savouries. *rejoice* The Afternoon Tea was well presented with each plate showcasing the sandwiches, scones, sliced cakes, potted yummies and macarons right at the top of the tiered tray. 

I started with the scones, didn't want them to get cold. But it was great that they came tucked into a napkin to keep them warm a little longer. There were raisin and plain scones serve with strawberry preserve and chantilly cream. The scones had a beautiful crisp crust, fluffy texture and a wonderful buttery flavour. Best I've had in KL by far!

I figured I'd finish the fingers sandwiched next and leave the sweet treats for last. Finger sandwiches served were cucumber, dill and cream cheese; smoked salmon, chives and lemon butter; egg mayonnaise and water cress; and chicken with horseradish. Freshly made and loving the smoked salmon for the lemon butter. I'm a sucker for good butter.

Washed it down with my tea of choice for the afternoon, Early Grey. Oh heck who am I kidding, it's always Earl Grey. I moved on to the lower tier of the tray which had the Strawberry Mousse Slice, Hazelnut Eclair and Opera Slice. I'm not really a huge fan of strawberry mousse but loved the hazelnut eclair and opera slice. The choux dough was light, fluffy and cuts through like a dream. The opera slice had a perfect balance of coffee  and chocolate ganache.

The potted dessert really reminded me of a mini plant, aptly called "Flower Pots" just with the flowers. It was chantilly cream topped with chocolate cake crumbs. The almond friands was just love! Can't go wrong with a mini dense almond cake served with salted caramel. Wish there were two of those.. 

The macarons were perfect! I wasn't expecting a heart shaped pink one but it was nice touch. Especially since I had hearts on my nails that afternoon. Meant to be much? *laughs* Though my pick had to be the chocolate macaron, thin crisp shell, soft slightly chewy inside with chocolate cream filling. *diess* The Hazelnut Biscotti though, was a tad too sugary for my liking but not complaining. Just washed it down with tea.

Did that seem a bit much? Well it took me nearly 2 hours to polish it off and it didn't stop there. I was informed that there was a new dessert that was a must try and there it was the THIRTY8 Mille Feuille. Nice modern presentation. Praline mousse sandwiched between puff pastries served with ice cream. The layers of puff pastries were light and crispy, the praline mousse perfectly smooth and rich. This one is for the serious sweet tooth but wonderfully satisfying.

I'd like to say it all stopped there but there's another dish that I had that afternoon or by the time I finished tea with dessert, it was already evening. I will save that one for a separate post just because it deserves it's own post! THIRTY8 Afternoon Tea is RM68 per person and it's a lavish affair. So if you're looking for nibbles, it's best to share otherwise go solo and indulge like I did. I was on a dessert high and loving it!

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Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur | website
12 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 6am-11pm
Reservations: 03-21821234 or email

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  1. their hightea super good. *best in town* =x

  2. I just went grand Hyatt, but not for afternoon tea.. :)

  3. you should try the afternoon tea on your next visit. it's beyond worth it! :)

  4. looks super tempting! should really go & try it one day :(

  5. definitely must try yuh jiun! :)

  6. Don't tell me you finished all that by yourself! =O

  7. It took 2 hours for me to finish every last bit of it. All my own.. :D was feeling dessert happy.. lol!


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