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Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser from

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Can eating cereals in the morning make you smile? Yes it can. Well at least the Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser from does. No I haven't lost it but this cereal dispenser is a cross between cool and slightly strange. *laughs* It also makes you feel like you're in a buffet line. What better time to create your own buffet line in the morning.

"Waking up to drudgery at work can be depressing. But with this Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser to dispense your favorite crunch, there's a better reason to look forward to breakfast every morning now" -

It comes with an exposed metal boy and a glass cylinder. The metal boy holds on to the cylinder while you turn the knob to get the cereal out. The knob doesn't turn so smoothly at first but it gets easy after a few turns. It's rather fun.

Measurements Approximately: Dimensions 12cm x 12cm x 40cm

*Glass bowl not included

I wanted to fill it up with my usual healthy cereals but for the purpose of this review I figured it might be boring and decided to use Choco Chex. I would have preferred Marks & Spencer's Triple Chocolate Crunch Cereal though. No points for guessing what I'll be shopping for tomorrow.

You can get the Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser from when the promotion comes about again. cherry-pick the most offbeat and unusual design pieces especially for you and then feature them at up to 70% off retail! Slurp up the daily design sauce as they go on their mission to become the most imaginative design source in the city.

*Product courtesy of Kwerkee Malaysia. Photos taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera.

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