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Spring Scents: Enchanteur Paris Deo Body Mist

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Latest from Enchanteur Paris - Deo Body Mist. It comes in pretty candy colour packaging which I think would look nice on nails too. Have the sudden urge to colour my nails in pinks and purple to take photo with the body mists but that would mean delaying this post. Hence I will continue sans nail colour.

Enchanteur Paris Deo Body Mist is specially formulated to provide 24 hour protection against body odour.  What's great about it is its compact size which comes in handy when you want to just slip it into your bag or leave at a few places, not random, I mean office and sorts to freshen up as it doesn't take up much space.

You get to choose from three signature Enchanteur Paris scents, perfect for Spring...
Belle Amour (Beautiful Love) - The Pink One
If you're into feminine scents you'll like this one. It's a combination of apple-melon scent, layered with refreshing blackcurrant top notes with voluminous Parisian pink rose petals. Blossoming love and romance kind of scent.

Mon Amie (My Friend) - The Yellow One
It's a fresh and fun floral scent.  It is a combination of fresh citrus lemon orange with bergamot enhanced with a touch of red apple with bouquets of pink peonies, watery roses and white magnolia surrounded with a warm woody amber base. Inspired by sheer happiness and described as a light scent to perk up the day.

Adore (Adore/Adorable) - The Purple One: My Pick!
Not because it's purple. *laughs* I'm just attracted to it, I find it rather calming. I'm all into calming lately. It's a fruity floral scent, a good balance of the two.  It's a combination of wild jasmine, pink mimosa and violet which blends with sparkling fruity notes of lychee, spiced sugar plum, pomegranate and golden pear. Described as a unique sensual scent.

Enchanteur Paris Deo Body Mist retails at RM8.90 for 100ml spray and is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

*Products courtesy of PR Company for Enchanteur.

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