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With all the touch screen phone and tablets, we're just so used to letting our finger do the tapping, sliding, enlarging and anyway else the fingers can move. *laughs* What if you wanted to do something more specific which requires you be more accurate, say like sketch or draw. I find the thought really exciting despite the fact that I can't draw or sketch to save my life. Best I can do, are those stick people. *embarrassed*

If you do decide to draw and stuff, you'd know fingers aren't going to get you very far on touch screen. Enter stylus. They don't have to be black/grey and boring. Check out this Suck UK Touch Screen Stylus which looks like a pencil. Tiny possibility of feeling authentically artsy. It's made of silicone and it's really comfortable to hold. 

I found that it comes in really hand when your hand is sticky from chocolates or cakes, you can just pick up the stylus and start tapping. Leaves the screen clean and free of icky bits.

You can get Suck UK Touch Screen Stylus Pencil from when the promotions comes about again. cherry-pick the most offbeat and unusual design pieces especially for you and then feature them at up to 70% off retail! Slurp up the daily design sauce as we go on our mission to become the most imaginative design source in the city.

Suck UK Touch Screen Stylus Specifications
Width     15mm
Height   115mm
Depth     15mm
Weight  0.020kg

*Product courtesy of Photos taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera.

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  1. useful stuff! :D it works for all touch screen devices?

  2. The design is pretty fun and cool. I think it would make a great gift.

  3. arisa: yes, it's suitable for all touch screen.. :)

    sycookies: something different ^^


Appreciate your comments >_<