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Liyana Jasmay Wedding - Photos

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I just got back from Liyana Jasmay's wedding and I'm liking what they did with the wedding dias (pelamin). Worked with loads of white flowers. Liyana Jasmay's choice of wedding gowns reflected her youth and all that's sweet. Will leave you guys with a few photos and will upload more as soon as possible. Horribly tired at the moment, it has been a long day..

As promised, here are more photos from yesterday evening. Lucky for me I was sat at a table right in front of the wedding dias. Had a pretty good view despite the sea of photographers. Most of the photos were taken from my table. *smiles*

i received some pms asking me where i got the earrings from when i posted this photo on fb last night. they're from the anna dello russo for h&m collection. :)

that's liyana jasmay's first single from her latest album!! early preview! wee~

Beautiful wedding!

*Photos taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera.

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