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Aveda Styling Discovery - It's About The Hair!

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I recently found out that Aveda has been in Malaysia for 16 years!! Despite knowing about the brand for ages, I thought they made their entry into the country with their stand alone store in Bangsar Village II about 6 years back. The store is now located at Pavilion which I've walked past quite a few times but never got around to exploring.

I was well excited when I got a chance to attend the Aveda Styling Discovery. I love cosy sessions, there's so much more time to find out more about everything. I was greeted with  a special Aveda Comforting Tea and an intriguing game to find out my Chakra pure-fume for the moment. Eight cards were laid out on the table and I had to choose two/three depending on the design that was most attracted to. Eventually I ended up with the symbol that represent "Intention" which said that I was feeling imbalanced therefore resulting in mental block, nervousness and impatience. It was shockingly true, I was experiencing uninspired to write in that few days. After spraying the Balancing Body Mist in Chakra-3 my mind felt a lot more calm. Strange.. in a good way.

was treated to a hand massage with the hand relief cream. it felt so relaxing!

Aveda is an American brand with Ayurvedic roots founded by an Austrian celebrity hairdresser. Aveda is a leader in botanical beauty and professional hair care founded in 1978 with the goal of providing beauty industry professionals with high performance, plant-based products that are better for them, their guests and the planet.

Aveda strives to use green ingredients in their products and currently more than 90% of their essential oils and 89% of their raw herbal ingredients are certified organic. These green ingredients are sourced from all over the world. Although Aveda's main focus is on hair care and styling it also has skincare, body care, make up, pure-fume as well as a range for men.

Aveda has various hair care range targetting various hair problems and issues - thin hair, coloured hair, damaged hair, moisturising, healthy scalp, smooth and tame, enhance curls and waves, and volumising. Aveda also has a wide range of styling products to compliment the hair care or depending on how you want to style your hair. The range includes be curly, pure abundance, control brilliant, smooth infusion, light elements and Aveda men pure-formance. It gets better, Aveda's hair colour range will be launching here sometime in March! It's 93-99% derived from plants and is ammonia free which means it's gentle on scalp and hair. According to the colour charts it seems that they have a wide range of colour I can't exactly comment on how it will turn out but I'm looking forward to trying it out soon!

In the mean time I had a chance to try out some styling products from the be curly range which is specifically targeted for frizz control and as the name suggests curly hair. The latest products from the be curly range are the curl controller and curl enhancing hair spray. In case you're wondering why I opted to try the be curly range well it's because I have insane curls which is super frizzy. I know you guys are used to seeing me with relaxed big curls in all my photos, so this is the first time that most if not all of you will be seeing my real natural curls without blow drying or running through with a straightener. 

I would also like to clarify a few things about my curly hair. Dealing with natural curls which is ridiculous frizzy is completely different from fake curls or permed hair. Perhaps the only ones who would understand are you guys with natural curls and even then there are different types of curly hair. I also noticed that very rarely does a hair stylist understand natural curls, not even the most experienced ones. So yes, I know my hair best and styling it is a pain!!

Adrian decided to leave my hair naturally curly at the styling session which I haven't done since my dancing days. Those curls looked fab on stage I tell you! But it also required a lot of products for it not to frizz. To prep my hair Adrian applied the be curly curl controller on wet hair and then went to blow dry it with a diffuser while scrunching it. Be curly curl controller defines, elongates and condition curls while controlling frizz. It's 95% naturally derived. After finishing with the blow drying leaving my hair about 80% dry the be curly curl enhancing hair spray was sprayed on which offers all day frizz control and humidity defense and reduces frizz by 20%. It provides all-day weightless, medium to firm hold with natural luster. It end product looked great! My hair attracted stares as I walked around after the session. Only thing is the non-frizz effect only lasted for about 3 and half hours until my hair completely dried and the elements of nature took over. Humidity got the better of my curls and it automatically turned back into a giant frizz ball. I was expecting it by anyway, it happens. The only way the curls will stay defined is with stronger products or me moving to a cooler climate! *laughs* Actually my curls had a ball of a time when I was living in England, it flowed beautifully, except in Summer of course. Perhaps the effect will last longer is I used the full range of hair care as well. Well it was good while it lasted!

and that's my real natural curls! quite a sight isn't it.. *laughs*

A very informative session by Aveda, I learned loads about the brand as well as the products and you might see me with a different styles from Aveda in months to come. Until then why not drop by Aveda Experience Centre retail store in Pavilion KL at Level 3. Find out more at

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  1. unbelievable cox u always have the nice big soft curl whenever i see u.. but this curl isn't that bad either, just that i will never understand the natural curl problem i think.. i always wish i can have natural soft curl.. =x

  2. Love to read your article. your style is awesome ;-) I am truly in love with aveda, too ! Can realy recommend it ;-)


  3. jean: it's crazy right!! lol! i prefer soft curls too, my real curls gives me to much headache.

    coiffeur zurich: thanks so much for dropping much! so happy to hear you like the article. :)


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