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ACUVUE New Contact Lens For You

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If this came to me last year, I probably couldn't relate. But my first experience with contact lenses a few months back has defenitely opened my eyes. Though ones I have are without power (mine are the coloured types ;P), I understand the need for ease and comfort of use all day every day.

ACUVUE recently launched its new bi-weekly contact lense ACUVUE ADVANCE PLUS with HYDRACLEAR. Malaysia is the first market in South East Asia to launch this product! Its aim is to provide optimum eye comfort and healthy vision specifically meant for first time wearers and those who have long considered to give them a try. The other main aim is to empower and liberate the contact lense user to enable them to achieve more!

Jane Tan lurvs the New ACUVUE lens! Her eyes feel fresh even after a long day!

L-R: Lawrence Wong, Cheryl Lee, Stanford Guo (GM of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Southeast Asia), Kathy Park (MD of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care SEA, India, Australia, New Zealand & Korea), Ng Weng Leong (Professional & Regulatory Affairs Manager of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care), Jane Tan.

The NEW ACUVUE Advance Plus with Hydraclear

Various types of contact lenses for specific concerns from ACUVUE

This new products from ACUVUE features 3D Comfort that optimise comfort in three dimensions for new wearers from day 1 to 14, all day long.

I did the "touch & feel" test and was amazed at how soft and flexible the New ACUVUE lens is compared to a competitor brand. I can imagine how this will hug and fit onto the eye comfortably.

Here's how it works
Day 1 Comfort: Packed in a solution with "Tear-like" osmolality, it provides instant comfort from the first moment of wear.

Daylong Comfort: HYDRACLEAR technology packs a moisture-rish wetting agent into the lens matrix for long lasting comfort from morning to night.

Day 14 Comfort: It also provides fresh new lens every two weeks for consistent comfort from Day 1 to Day 14.

Apart from the 3D comfort it also provides breathability, UV protection and ease of handling. Made from silicon hydrogel which is oxygen-permeable and provides 96% of available oxygen to the open eye. It also comes with Class 1* UV protection , the highest class available in a contact lens that blocks at least 90% of UV-A and 99% of UV-B rays to help protect against harmful radiation to the cornea and into the eye. This lessens the risk of getting cataract.

To make things easier for you, the lenses are visibly tinted blue and marked inside out so that you can easily spot them in your lens case and insert them correctly every time.

The blue tinge is clearly visible

ACUVUE Advance Plus Hydraclear contact lenses are now available by prescription only at major optical shops in Malaysia. Each pack of 3 pairs or 6 contact lenses retails at RM69.

A few things to take note - To avoid any eye problem, follow the wear and replacement schedule and the lens care instructions provided by your eye care professional. Should any eye problems develop while wearing contact lenses, consult an eye doctor immediately. For more information on proper wear, care and safety, talk to your eye care professional.

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