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Keith Kee Couture's 10th Anniversary Fashion Gala

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I was invited to Keith Kee Couture's 10th Anniversary Fashion Gala last Sunday at Rennaisance Hotel KL. And wow was it a blinged up affair! Attended by the creme de la creme of the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry, they were dressed in Oscar worthy outfits. Needless to say a lot of them were in fabulous Keith Kee pieces. Can't say the same for myself coz apart from his designs being on the pricey side, I'm channelling my funds towards a Givenchy bag. *sigh*

At the press conference before the show

This celebration towards reaching a decade milestone showcased over one hundred never-before-seen outfits of glitzy fabulousity. The collections include cocktail dresses, cheongsams, the 'recycle' collection, chiffon and lace pieces, the 'transformation' collection, fashion gowns, earth tone pieces, the batik collection, avant-garde designs and men suits.  Among the highlight of the show was the recycle collection using cut away materials collected from the thousands of dresses he designed over ten years. The result, beautiful chiffon dresses.

Keith Kee gives back. Further cut away materials after the 'Recycle' Collection was created were used in the production of limited edition Keith Kee Couture's 10th Anniversary handkerchiefs instead. These were sold to the guests and all proceed will benefit the World Food Programme.

The show started with the 'Recycle' Collection taking the runway with an eye catching red number. Recycling has never looked so fab!

Batik with a modern twist, was what the Batik Collection was all about. With this collection Keith Kee wanted to explore new ways and styles to use batik. To keep the beautiful batik designs as authentic as possible Keith Kee spent some time learning the art of batik in where else but Kelantan. Lurving this collection especially the pieces worn by Tini & Azura.

Tini in a classy yet sexy batik number

Lurv the colour and embellishment on this oufit worn by Azura

I went "Wow!" when the Cheongsam Collection came out. The intricate design on the dresses were a definite show stopper. Brilliant use of colours. Really made me feel like getting myself one of these cheongsams.

Keith Kee Coutures's evening gown collection will make any woman stand out. Just look at them.

Lurving this glam outfit worn by Azura!

When I heard about the 'Transformation' Collection during the press con, I was curious as how it would turn out. All I can say is, it was far from disappointing.

Amber Chia in an elegant pink ensemble

Turned up the heat after the extra pieces were taken off!

Avant Garde! Fab collection. The fantastically quirky head pieces stole the show.

Liking this black & gold outfit worn by Tini! Havin the thing for gold at the moment. ;)

And there you have it, the youngest model to walk down the runway - Amber's baby boy Ashton at 10 months 10 days old!!

The show wouldn't be complete without the Bridal Collection. Keith Kee is after all an established name in the Malaysian bridal fashion industry.

An entrance by Benjaming Toong gave guests something to talk about. All that drama plus a 10 metre long train.

Keith Kee has come a long way in the past 10 years and the fantastic fashion gala proved that he'll be around for loads longer. Stepping out of his comfort zone, he will be making his debut appearance at the Islamic Fashion Festival at the end of the year.

With all that wedding feeling in the air, there was even a wedding proposal on stage after the show. Wonder if the bride to be will be in a Keith Kee design. I was just super excited to be there. Awesome show!! ^^

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