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Chocolate Cats 2nd Birthday Giveaway Winner!

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This is way overdue. I'm sorry for the ridiculously long delay guys. Since I'm still on a high from Manchester United's 1-6 humiliating defeat to Manchester City at Old Trafford, what better time to announce the winner *rejoice*. Don't get me wrong, I didn't switch teams, I'm still an MU fan but this time I'm just over the moon they lost! *evil laugh*

Sidetracked there, back to the announcement. Thanks loads everyone for joining the giveaway! Good stuff guys! Picking the winner was strangely fun, closed my eyes, scrolled up and down continuously and started poking at my laptop monitor. In case you're wondering, yes it looked insanely ridiculous. Lol! So here goes...

Winner: Isabel

I know I said there's suppose to be only one winner but.. there's TWO more!! :) The other Two winners will get pretty stuff from the photo below. Which ones? Well you'll just have to wait until it gets to you to find out. ^^

Two More Winners: Nadia & Sherry

Check your mails. Thanks loads again guys!! Whats that? Christmas Giveaway? Hmm..wonder if there's something brewing.. *winks*

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