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Launch - New! Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer in Bangkok!

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Finally revealed! Was dying to let the cat out of the bag! I was in Bangkok for the Asia Pacific Launch of the New Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer. Not only was it my first time in Bangkok, strange I know, it was also my first time attending a launch this big ever. *huge smiles*

Clinique Malaysia was determined to set the precedent to be the first international brand to bring a blogger with them together with Malaysian media for a launch outside Malaysia. I'm so honoured to be a part of this amazing event. It was all just too much for me to process and yet intrigued me to no end.

(L-R) Yen - Clinique Senior Communications Manager Malaysia, Jet - formerly of iFeel, Beauty Writer from Cosmo Indonesia, Aileen - Cleo and Laila - Harian Metro.

I never really paid much attention to exfoliating and never realised that it so important until this trip. I always thought my scrubbing sessions were enough to remove the layer of dead skin cells. Was I ever wrong. *smells a review coming up.. winks*

Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer delivers results twice as fast as the previous Turnaround Concentrate formula - dramatic improvements in skin tone and smoothness in just 4 weeks instead of 8. Additionally, skin translucency is immediately improved by 74%. This is clinically proven and guaranteed.

We were lucky enough to have Debbie D'Aquino, Vice President, Clinique Product Development for Treatment Worldwide to speak and explain better on how Clinique's New Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewal works and the importance of exfoliation. She made it sound really simple so I'm going to attempt the same without being overly technical.

This New formula is designed specifically for Asian skin as Asian skin is unique due to skin colour, bone structure and we have less facial lines. Asian skin also has a stronger melanin component making it more resistant to UV rays.

Exfoliation is something Clinique has been advocating since 1968. As Clinique's foundation is deeply rooted in dermatology, it has continued to commit itself to find better and more effective technologies to address this important skin care issue. Dullness of the skin continues to be a top skin care concern globally, more so in Asia. In China and Korea, radiance is a top 3 concern while in Japan it's a top 4 concern. Even here in Malaysia, we're always talking about how to improve skin radiance and saying how our skin looks dull and lifeless.

 The skin has a natural renewing process which results in removing the layer of dead skin cells to keep skin healthy. As we get older, like me *lol!* this natural process becomes compromised or doesn't work as well anymore. Which basically means it need some help to get through the process. The current environment isn't exactly helping our skin stay healthy either. Apart from aging, pollution and UV including unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking are main causes on why skin isn't effectively shedding unwanted dead skin cells making it dull and coarse. Here is where Clinique's New Turnaround Concentrate comes in. It aids to normalise the natural process by using an appropriate exfoliation treatment to promote the natural cell renewal process helping to maintain balance in the skin by allowing it to exfoliate more effectively as part of your daily and weekly skin care regime.

This new product works faster by enhancing three important activities in the skin - cell division, maturation and desquamation. When these activites are compromised, the natural cell renewal process is as well. Turnaraound Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer ensures that they work more efficiently and effectively. I know I'm gettin a tad technical here but bear with me. To fully understand how this new amazing product works I have no choice but to touch on it. I promise it'll just be a touch.

1) Cell Division - the process by which a new layer of skin is made every 24 hours. Since exfoliation sloughs off dead cell on the surface of the skin, cell division is needed to replace those cells.

2) Maturation - skin cells become more specialised, allowing them to better perform their biological functions, maintaining healthy radiant skin.
- New to Formula: Padina Pavonica - derived from a Mediterranean brown algea. It activates skin enzyme thereby regulating cellular maturation and strengthening the skin's epidermal layer.

Photo courtesy of Clinique

3) Desquamation - skin sheds the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing for new, healthy cells to appear.
- New to formula: Lactobionic Acid - a natural ingredient that helps normalise exfoliation without irritation. This gentle hydroxy acid binds water to the skin for a softer feel.

Just as in the previous formulation of the Turnaround Concentrate, this new formula still features Salicylic Acid. Dermatologically proven to be incredibly gentle, it helps release the bonds that hold surface skin cells together. Encapsulated in a liposome, it's attracted to the skin's driest patches resulting in softer, smoother and more radiant skin without irritating it.

It also has moisture boosting  and antioxidant ingredients to ensure skin is protected from free radical damage, always comfortable and always maintaining the surface barrier without being disrupted.

Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer can be layered onto the skin twice daily after the appropraite 3-Step Clarifying Lotion, followed by moisturiser with SPF or a sun protector such as City Block in the day. It is specifically designed to be gentle and appropriate for all skin types. It definitely suits oily skin well. Stay tune for the review in the next post *winks*.

Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Oil -Free. Dermatologist Tested. Opthomologist Tested. Non-acnegenic. Formulated for Asian skins.

At the Q&A session Debbie D'Aquino drew an analogy which made everything that I just heard loads clearer. "When you wipe a piece of wood with a cloth you will only clean the surface without seeing the grain clearly, but when you clean it using the right products the grain will be clearly visible". I had this "Sudden light switch" expression after she said that!

Random photos at the launch..

After that super informative session, we were treated to dinner at Nahm, a Thai Fine Dining restaurant. It has a Michellin Star rating and the food was fantastic. I was seated at a table with the speaker, Debbie D'Aquino and some of Clinique's and Estee Lauder Companies big guns, gosh it was overwhelming but a huge honour indeed. Needless to say the company was fabulous and I savoured dinner especially the desserts! Sadly I didn't take any photos as I didn't think it was very appropriate. *sigh.. maybe next time..*

Look of the day ^^

The evening ended on a high with pretty pink macarons waiting for me back at my room. A midnight nibble before calling it a night.

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