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Sleek Makeup - Sahara Blush

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I've been hearing the buzz about Sleek Makeup since late last year but didn't manage to get anything from Sleek on my last trip to London. Was a bit tied up running around like a right nutter. Since a friend of mine was coming back to KL for a short break I gave a list long of things to buy including stuff from Sleek. I gave her a choice of three when it came to choosing a blush, one of which is Sahara.

I wasn't sure what to make of the colour when I saw it. I've never had an orange coloured blush before. The closest I have are peachy ones like NARS - Gilda ** and MAC - Foolish Me. Sahara is a matte orangey brown, colour looks pretty intense.

The texture is surprisingly fine. Swatched lightly it appeared warm and didn't look as loud as it did in the pan. Wouldn't know what to do with it if it did *phewh*. It's very pigmented so it's advisable to apply with a light hand and a fluffy blush brush to blend out. Better safe than applying too much and looking like a clown with orange ovenbaked cheeks. Intensity is buildable to suit your preference.

I applied two light layers on my cheeks and it gave me an instant warm glow. Almost sunkissed. I'd say Sahara works best on tan, medium and dark complexions. It reminds me of a colour I'd wear on a beach holiday paired with a bronzey gloss. It has great staying power. Lasted about 6 hours without running off!

It comes in a sleek black casing which is very similar to NARS blush but without getting those powdery bits stuck on it so easily. It also comes with a mirror and appear to be rather sturdy. It's really worth the money since it's only £4.30 for 8g/0.27oz. I feel a blush spree coming on.. *oh noo!*

You can purchase Sleek Makeup products online.

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  1. cantik!
    i like colour like favorite was from Elianto, cream blusher, but they discontinue it I don't know why :(


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