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Clinique x Chocolate Cats in Bangkok - Day 2

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I didn't want get out of bed!! Omg that was the best sleep I've had in a while. It could only be the soft, super comfie, huge bed. I eventually had to drag myself out of it. Took my own sweet time in the shower, it was the emulate rain fall type *smiles*. Gosh.. can I not get out of the shower. Lol!

Chocolate Cats in Bangkok..

My current skin care - I got these travel size 3-Step at the Cliniqur Star Tour 2011, comes in handy!

Some of my Clinique make up stuff I brought along to prettify myself with ^^

Met the group for breakies about 930 and what a selection for breakfast. There was anything and everything from savoury to sweet stuff. The first things I ordered were a Soy Hot Choc and French Toast with Praline and Bananas. Perfect! It didn't end there. It was a buffet after all, pastries, toast with Mango Cinnamon Jam, Kiwi Coffee Jam and honey, fresh fruits. Now that's what I call breakies like a King!

Now to burn all that energy on more shopping!! I had about an hour an a half of shopping time and I knew it wasn't enough. Was running around like a nutter, which paid off coz I got quite a few things. Woohoo!!

The Famous Four Face Buddha

Now to rush back to the hotel for something super exciting later in the afternoon. Curious? Well read my next post to find out what it is. Before that let me leave you with photos from my lunch which was sent to my room by my cute personal butler whom I should have taken a photo with. *oh well..*

Next post: Mid day today! ^^

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  1. glorious, glorious food..I fell in love with those pastries, hard. :p

  2. I am going to bangkok next year!!! will stay on your blog to get tips for bangkok trip! <3


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