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MIFW '11 Day 4: Asia Magic Gala

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Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011 just got even better! It was the Asia Magic Gala yesterday evening and is was simply amazing. Six of the "Asian Magicians" of the fashion industry showcased their collections. They are from the South East Asian region that have made or are making their way to the international fashion scene - Ashley Isham, Nue by Jonathan Liang, Khoon Hooi, Cacac and Gallo.

Outfit details here.

Ashley Isham
Ashley Ishams collection just blew me away! The meticulous thought going into each look is amazing. I super adore the head pieces! This Singaporean London-based designer is recognized by those in the upper echelons of fashion for his signature draping and strong tailoring. His designs are a blend of high-octane glamour and contemporary styling.

Nue by Jonathan Liang
Winner of the Who's Next Designer search in KL two years ago, this designer has an impressive track record in Europe with his brands Ultra and Nue. Keeping his palette neutral for his S/S 2012 collection the designs are strong yet feminine.

The brainchild of Lee Sinje, a well-known international singer cum actress from Malaysia. Cacac is the image of a modern woman in the 21st century - tough, independant, having dreams and careers of their own.

Gallo by Thian
The lights were turned down a few notches for Gallo's set so as to showcase her galaxy inspired prints in a starry night setting. Thian's designs has a deliberate French flair that exudes sophistication and whimsical fun with use of quality fabrics and a keen attention to detail and custom made embellishments. Gallo is a big hit with the younger market or even the young at heart.

Khoon Hooi
Khoon Hooi has earned a reputation for creating luxury with an edge. His designs has a romantic appeal with an avant-garde unstructured edge. The collection he showcased yesterday evening delivered just that, ultra-femine with an infusion of youthful sexiness.

I really wanted to go for the Afternoon Tete-a-Tete show but time is really limited today. But I'll be going for the Melium Gala later this evening where Asean, M Store, YSL , Pucci and Farah Khan will be hitting the runway. Expecting sequins and bold colours!

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