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Virginia Brownies are back and MIFW 2011 starts Tomorrow!

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Which one do you want to hear about first? Dessert or Fashion? Hmm.. lets do dessert first. :) Remember last year I was going bonkers over a particular brownie. Well it's the Chocolate Virginia Brownie (RM12.50) from Coffee Bean and it's back!! Woohoo! It's only around for Christmas you see. Arguably one of the best Chocolate Brownies in town in my books and looks like my holiday season is off to a great start! Read review for Virginia Chocolate Brownie here. I also tried something new for the season, Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake (RM9.90). It has an intense coffee hit with a light chocolate taste. Another must try especially for cheesecake fans!

Warning: Intense Chocolate Hit! Not for the faint hearted!

Tomorrow is when the madness starts for me and it's going to continue for the whole week! *faints* The Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011 is on from 21/11-27/11 at Zebra KL. Wished they had kept it at Pavilion though. *sigh* Well, I'm going to try to update you guys daily with exciting photos of latest collections from our local designers. Stay tuned coz like I said earlier it's going to be rocking awesome! *super excited*

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