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Review: Biotherm PUREFECT Skin Range

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Biotherm PUREFECT Skin range is an anti-imperfection range for combination to oily skin. Apart from hormones, lifestyle factors such as stress and unbalanced diet combined with environmental conditions such as pollution, humidity and heat can upset the balance of skin.

Biotherm believes that the skin is suffocated under 3 layers of impurities:
  • Pollution Layer - The polluted environment reduces the skin's renewal ability and disrupts the skin's ability to breathe making it shiny and easily irritable.
  • Sebum Layer - Over production of sebum due to various factors lead to clogged pore, inflammations and imperfections.
  • Sweat Layer - Unavoidable in warm weather. May also lead to some imperfections.

Biotherm PUREFECT  Skin range contains a macro-algae Laminaria Digitata (L. Digitata) that has the ability to detect impurities and reduce them by secreting a powerful anti-bacterial substance that prevents infection. The Zinc element complements L. Digitata to regulate sebum production. Salicylic Acid gets rid of the dead skin cells clears the pores. For a mattifying effect it has Perlite, a mineral extracted from volcanic rock, it's suppose to reduce shine by absorbing humidity and oil. However Perlite is not the only ingredient that helps to mattify, the moisturiser contains Silica and we know what that means..

The Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel is targeted at removing the Pollution Layer. It has this fresh algae/sea-like scent which is a tad in the strong side but is rather calming. As the name suggests, this cleanser is a foaming gel. It cleanses well without drying out the skin. I rather like it.

The Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Toner is an astringent gently gets rid of dead skin cells. My feels fresh appear application though a tad too moisturised.

The Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel is meant to absorb sweat and tighten pores. The white tinge gel-like texture is light and applies with ease. The mattifying effect was instant. However despite using a small amount, my face felt heavy and thick. I'm going to guess this is due to the combination of Perlite and Silica. Silica just does not do well with my skin despite what it's meant to do for oily skin. The mattifying effect also managed to enhance my laugh lines and some scars.

I tried it on with foundation and the result was as expected. My t-zone got shiny within 20 minutes and appeared dull. So much for anti-shine, but that's just me though.

The Biotherm PUREFECT Skin range could work for most combination to oily skin types but it doesn't seem to suit me all too well.

I hope you guys managed to get your hands on the PUREFECT Skin range sampling kit. If it suits you, here's the price list - Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel RM90 (125ml), Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Toner RM90 (200ml) and Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel RM100 (50ml). This range is available at Biotherm counters nationwide.

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*Note: Products courtesy of Biotherm Malaysia.

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  1. This brand looks good. The products sound great and the packaging is pretty cool too ;) :)

    Helen @

  2. wow you get oily really quick, Fatin! @_@ I have yet to try it out but in my experience, my skin doesn't react too well to alcohol denat. but silica is ok-ok

  3. i got a oily skin, as it get oily in just 15 minutes even after i bath...i'm using this product too! what i can say is the percentage of skin get oily has reduce 90%. It works really good on my skin. Sometime i even apply the product early in the morning, but my skin stay refreshing until night time!! =)

  4. I bought the kit with the three products and I love it...I don't always use the toner as my skin is combination and the alchool can be too agressive except if I'm having a cyst crisis. About the moisturizer I like the fact that it's thick because I used shiseido oil-free and it felt like water (excelent mattyfier though). ..because my skin is mixed so I need extra-hydratation in my forehead (little lines from dryness)


Appreciate your comments >_<