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Malaya Optical - The Eye Experience Boutique

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First thought, "Ooo sunnies!!". Okay so I've been contemplating on treating myself to another pair of Raybans. Then I realised I spend so much time indoors that as much as I would love to wear them often, I don't really get to. Despite being rational about it, I have my eye on those Wayfarers at Malaya Optical which I spotted on my recent visit to the Malaya Optical flagship store at Uptown Damansara. Thanks loads to Only Beauty and Malaya Optical for the invitation!

Malaya Optical is not all about sunnies, neither is it just another optical store. It is an "Eye Experience Boutique" that caters to everything your eyes needs. Malaya Optical started out selling specialised items way back in 1957 and has been around for three generations with four stores now. Ryan Ho is that third generation and knows everything there needs to know about anything related to optical. Hey he said, the Wayfarers looked good on me, so he must know his stuff. lol!

that's ryan :)


I've actually been to Malaya Optical a little while back and I got my eye checked thoroughly with these fancy machines. I actually learned a few things about my eyes and there were also things that I was suppose to look out for as I age. They have qualified optometrists behind those machines. So be rest assured your eyes are in capable hands.

What sets Malaya Optical apart is the range of eye wear they bring in. Not only do they have the usual luxury brands but they also make it a point to bring in those with very unique styles from all over the world to cater from everyone's needs and wants. Ryan showed off some really cool stuff that I couldn't stop going "Cool!" over. There were some really cool frames that would make heads turn. Of course I tried them on. Now I know how I look like in Harry Potter's round frame glasses. Not so good but currently in trend. *felt super nerdy.. lol*

how about those aviators? i didn't see it but tammy has decided to call me 'fatin jackson' in those.. apparently the chin with aviators reminds her of michael jackson. interesting to know i might be able to pull off the androgynous look!

I also got to check out the latest brand that Malay Optical brought in. You guys will never guess.. Paris Hilton! Seriously. If I'm not mistaken there are about 10-12 different styles and there a few stand out ones. I was itching to say, "That's hot!" when I tried them on. But I refrained because that's so 2000 and don't know when ago. There's one that I fancied and it immediately reminded me of a pair of Louboutin's - black frame, red inner, very diva! Thanks to Tammy who helped me with the photos of my diva-esque poses. It was fun!

with tammy..

love this one jean took of me..

with jean, without sunnies on.. i think we forgot..

"Apart from being Professional, Malaya Optical also brings to you Main Stream Brands and Designer Eyewear Lables from around the world. If you are looking for something different for your eyes, you're at the right place. Most importantly, we love what we do, and that is what makes it special. Selected brands and models of sunglasses/frame range from Coach, Tag Hueur, Fendi, Elle, Nike, Bonia, CK, BYWP, John Richmon, Sama, Zero RH, Rudy Project, Moschino, Benetton, Esprit, Max Mara, RAyban, Robert Marc, Sover, Viktor & Rolf, Viviene Westwood, Aha, Andy Wolf, Blackfin, Byblos, Coco Song, Coppe + Sid, Derapage, Derek Lam, Dutz, Eco, Face Fonts, GF Ferrer, Guess, Mykita, Jf Rey, Lafont, Lotto, Masaki, Modo, Parasite, Public, Spivvy, Staffan Preutz, Undostrial, Try Change, White Out Glare, Wolfgang & Zottes (while stocks last and subject to availability)." - Malaya Optical

If you guys are interested in knowing more before dropping by check out or follow them on Malaya Optical Facebook. Otherwise just drop in, the staff there are just super helpful and if you happen to see Ryan on your visit, feel free to ask for his opinion or suggestions, he's friendly!

Malaya Optical (Flagship Store)
71 SS21/37 Damansara Uptown
47400 Petaling Jaya
Contact: 03-77280228
Hours: Mon-Sat 10.30am-9pm
          Sun 10.30am-7pm

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  1. Fatin, u are so damn slim!!!!!! now i jealous one more thing from u liao!!! i think aviator style looks really good on u!

  2. YES I thought of Louboutin too!


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