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Starting off the week this way...

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There are so many new products coming out in September. Basically means there's loads for me to share with you guys but before I get into it here's an homage to last week which was one of the best moments for me this year... I got to watch two of the most awesomest bands in action. Getting to watch/hear Metallica play Enter Sand Man and Nothing Else Matters right before my eyes takes the cake though! I was in the presence of greatness and greatness did not disappoint one bit!! Forever was worth the wait!

Then there was Linkin Park, just as ah-mazing!! Numb live!! I was singing along on the top of my lungs. 10 years later and still rocking strong!

I'm keeping everything crossed for both to come back! *prays hard*
There are more vidoes on my youtube channel, drop by to watch!

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