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New In! The Body Shop HONEYMANIA

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It's not in stores just yet but you'll be able to get The Body Shop Honeymania range starting September! It's NEW and it's gorgeously yummy! I'm completely in LOVE with it! 

I'm in a hive!! Isn't the set up amazing?

Check out this adorable Miss Honeymania video!

Honey, a miraculous rich liquid that  has amazing benefits. Loved for its sweet delicious taste and aroma, honey is also a natural moisturiser that can soften, smooth and nourish skin. I'm not talking about those processed ones you find in bottles at the supermarket. I'm talking about those natural ones. The hand-harvested type The Body Shop uses in their new Honeymania range. The Body Shop uses Community Fair Trade honey which comes from the Ethiopian forest. Harvested from only the ripest honeycombs, ensuring exceptional quality, good-enough-to-eat honey that's rich in nourishment.

I was super excited to be the first few to try out this range at their launch during the fasting month. One word - lavish! Just looking at the honeycomb visual on the packaging makes you want to open it up and eat it.. I mean try it! It has this beautiful rich texture that makes you aware that your skin is being pampered with only the best ingredients. It's non-sticky yet leaves your skin moisturised for hours on end.

For when it's time for you guys to go out and get it..
EDT RM49.90, Bubble Bath Melt RM63, Body Butter RM59.90, Shower Gel RM24.90, Body Scrub RM63, Soap RM13.90, Lip Balm RM26

Honeymania also ensure you experience a sensorial indulgence when you're using products from the range. It smells beautiful! It's a floral honey scent which opens with floral honey blossom with a lingering sweet honey at its base.

What made the launch even more exciting was the special experience of Mark Davis, The Body Shop Global Community Fair Trade Director who introduced the wild honey from the Ethiopian rainforest. Yeah I'm one of those who falls for a good 'where from' story almost every time. The wild honey used in Honeymania is sourced from the Sheka rainforest in the Ehtiopian Highlands protected by UNESCO. Sheka honey have a distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant rainforest flowers that the bees collect the nectar from. The African Honey Bees that produce the honey are free to roam the rainforest. The honey selected is of the highest quality, that it's good enough to eat!

The bees that produce the Community Fair Trade Honey are wild, they choose to colonise the hive and then move onto a new home after harvesting compared to commercial beekeeping. 

The Body Shop work closely with the Beza Mar beekeepers who practise  'barefoot beekeeping' or 'bee whispering'. They work in harmony with the bee's natural cycles using traditional techniques. These methods supports the sustainable use the Sheka rainforest.

A strong bee colony can produce two to three times more honey than bees need! Plenty to go around...

Here's something I bet a lot of you don't know, The Body Shop Community Fair Trade program not only sources out high quality honey, it benefits the bee keepers as well. It provides the Beza Mar beekeepers a reliable source of income and it also helps to strengthen the Ethiopian beekeeping culture. By selling the honey to The Body Shop, it has enabled the Beza Mar to send their children to school, to buy animals, to enhance their diet, to pay hospital bills and to improve their houses. The trade with The Body Shop  supports a sustainable use of the rainforest. Income from the honey adds values to the forest and helps provide an incentive for the local communities to preserve it in its natural state rather than clearing the land for agriculture.

deneke the beekeeper..

that's Girama and his son in his school uniform..

tanaye one of the beekeepers built a new house..

The more reason for you guys to get your hands on The Body Shop New Honeymania range! 

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