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Blog Birthday Giveaway: Clinique Happy In Bloom 2013 (Limited Edition)

By 22:21 ,

Every Spring Clinique comes up with a Limited Edition packaging for Clinique Happy In Bloom fragrance that it has become a collectible. This year's Clinique Happy In Bloom is so adorable that I nearly didn't want to let it go! Lol! For this giveaway it's a 50ml perfume spray. Thank you so much Clinique Malaysia for sponsoring this giveaway!

The question for this Clinique Happy In Bloom 2013 giveaway is...

Say Malaysia were to have four seasons, which would be your favourite season?
(This might be the case in a parallel universe, you never know. X-Files throwback!)
*My answer: Spring! Just because.. it's Spring! Then there's the cherries and rhubarbs! Aaah those cherries.. *sigh*

Before joining this giveaway, you have to be a FOLLOWER of Chocolate Cats. Leave your Follower ID and Email so that I can contact you in the event you are chosen as a winner. Winner will be picked at random. Open to Malaysian Residence only.

Good luck guys! :)

Giveaway Ends: 20th September 2013 (Friday)

The Winner is...

Suzanna Ng

Thank you guys for joining this giveaway! :)

Note: The winners for the first two giveaway have been announced. See here and here.

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  1. Winter!!!! Reason for my favorite season is because of snow! I'm a huge snow lover! Growing up in hot weather all year long (except for some 2 months with rain), i hope to see white snow falling and everything looks so pale so angelic. For me, watching snow fall through the air is relaxing. It's amazing how snow changes our environment.The landscape was breathtaking! There's nothing more beautiful than seeing tree's and houses roof covered in snow.

    My ID: Suz Ng

  2. Winter! Because I melt easily in hot weather and can only survive in cold environments, haha~ Also, I've never seen real snow before (hailstones don't count!) and I want to make a snowman and have snowball fights. :P That's why I always say I should be a polar bear and live in cold countries. XD

    GFC: LauraLeia

  3. autumn, just because i wanna see red leaf~ =p
    any season except if it is too damn cold.. i can't stand coldness. =x


  4. Autumn! Love the colorful scenery. So romantic and beautiful. :)

    ID: NydiaAnies

  5. I like winter that make me think of a korean drama- Winter Sonata :)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. If Malaysia were to have FOUR seasons? I'd definitely choose SPRING! Its not because of the colors, its the feeling watching it that counts the most! Uh! I love flowers and this Clinique Blossom Limited Edition definitely a MUST HAVE!

    My ID: mdmkillemall

  8. my favourite is Autumn! Because everywhere I go will look more scenic and worth a million dollar picture. I enjoy the golden sun shining during the day, and when evening approaches, it gives me a good reason to treat myself for a hot cup of coffee and unwind for the rest of the day :)

    My ID: FiSh

  9. Say Malaysia were to have four seasons, my favourite season would be SPRING because I would look forward to watching all the flowers blooming and be Clinique Happy :)

    MY ID: DEE

  10. Autumn, because the red leaves remind me of the year I spend time with my uncle family. they are so friendly and happy to visit my grandpa too. Never forget every moment we have great time together. Though grandpa past away few years back, he's always in my heart.

    gfc sherry


  11. I can't decide between Spring or Autumn, but I guess Spring since flowers bloom everywhere, a lovely floral aroma sweeping across the sky. Beautiful and romantic! sun rays shine thru, walking the dogs in the park, enjoying a breeze weather walk, picking up fallen flower petals along the walk way..
    the perfect weather for a picnic, sipping champagne, strawberries and chocolate yummm...

    *ok back to reality*

    My id : swee san
    email :

  12. I love Spring! The weather is just perfect - not too hot & not too cold! All the flowers start blooming and everything seems comes to life once again.

    My ID: juli1202

  13. I like winter because i could celebrate the WHITE christmas. And it is "Syok" also enjoying the steamboat during winter.


  14. I love spring best of all. Colorful flowers always brighten up my day <3
    Thank you for the great giveaway :)

    Follower ID: win lyn


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