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Chocolate Cats Turns 4!!

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Oh hello there September, took you a while to come by again!! Such an awesome month because its Chocolate Cats 4th Anniversary and it's also my birthday month! *throws confetti while eating chocolate.. if that's possible* Thank you guys for supporting the blog! *flying kisses*

As it goes every year, Chocolate Cats celebrates by having giveaways. So I'm going to kick off the celebrations with a giveaway from Origins. It's one of their products that I have reviewed (read here) and really like. The scent is just love!

To join, just answer this simple question..

Tell me what instantly boosts your mood.
(*My answer: Chocolate, desserts and cats!)

Before joining this giveaway, you have to be a FOLLOWER of Chocolate Cats. Leave your Follower ID and Email so that I can contact you in the event you are chosen as a winner. Winner will be picked at random. Open to Malaysian Residence only.

Thanks loads to Origins Malaysia for the awesome giveaway! Good luck guys! :)

Giveaway Ends: 5th September 2013 (Thursday)

The Winner is...


Thank you guys for joining this giveaway! There's more to come so stay tuned! :)

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  1. follower sherry, email

    Tell me what instantly boosts your mood.
    comedy movie and popcorns!

  2. shopping instantly boosts my mood.


  3. Chocolate Cats 4th Anniversary happy Anniversary :D

  4. Shopping, Holidays, Chocolate & Ice-Cream!!!

    Follower ID : juli1202
    Email :

  5. Follower ID : Mieza Everdeen
    email :

    What instantly boosts my moods? The answer is looking at my healthy and polished appearance in the mirror ^_^ don't mind what I wear, either I have makeup or not, it makes me happy and confidence seeing myself in a good condition, which means "T am on my way to success!" :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Follower ID: Trislynn Chan

    for me, eating ice cream always instantly boosts my mood. Especially chocolate mint!!

  8. What instantly boosts my mood:

    Fluffy pillows
    Ice, cold green tea
    Waking up to good skin!

    Follower ID: waiquan
    Email: waiquan[at]gmail[dot]com

  9. Follower ID : FiSh
    Email :

    What boosts my mood? Simple!

    Chomp down a basket of strawberries,
    Go close to the nature and take photographs,
    And talk to people whom I love!

    :) That gives me a happier life.
    Happy 4th Birthday to Chocolate Cats!

  10. ID: Liyana Ismail

    What instantly boosts my mood?
    Cosmetics, shopping mall, and pizza! :)
    Congrats for the 4th Anniversary!

  11. Wooohoo Happy 4th Anniversary Miow!
    Wish you happy blogging, adventures & success.

    Follower via FB: vera.soo
    E: cocochinz [@]

  12. Happy Birthday Chocolate Cats

    Sleeping instantly boosts my mood.

    ID: Trendydiana

  13. I'm a Follower name GlamPink

    My mode will instantly boosts when I have a radiant smooth clear skin when I'm broke and can't go shopping =D and also a good food also boost up my mode!

  14. Follower ID: colney

    For me, chocolate & desserts can instantly boosts my mood.

    Last but not least, Happy 4th anniversary! =)

  15. Hiya Fatin, happy blogiversary! My answer would be handsome hunks? LOL!!!

    Follower ID: Blair

  16. Happy 4th Enibeseri!!

    Follower ID: mdmkillemall

    what instantly boosts my mood?
    Perfumes! Chocolates with Filling & Shopping!!

  17. Follower ID: Chloe Yun Yun

    Being able to do what I aspire in life instantly boosts my mood =)


Appreciate your comments >_<