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Review: The Smurfs - Smurfette Strawberry Lip Balm

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So I would have much preferred Azreal but since it's 'The Smurfs' stuff so no Azreal. An Azreal lip balm wouldn't be too far fetched though since he does laugh and some what meow-talk. Azreal laugh parts are the best parts of The Smurfs movies ever. Lol! 

Here goes the Smurfette Strawberry Lip Balm review. So not me by the way, just in case you have that "Huh?? Seriously?!" look on your face. It can't get any more girlier than this, with Smurfette in her signature white dress, big blue eyes and fluffy blonde hair introducing her lip balm with red-blue packaging. I was expecting a whole pink-blue deal! This is the original stuff ,as you can see Peyo's signature on the packaging. He's the creator by the way.

The lip balm comes in standard size with a protective seal at the top. Here's a tip, it says twist to open, best to peel off gently though so as not to ruin Smurfette's photo looking all pretty on the tube. The cap features the company's logo "Lotta Luv", the Taiwanese company that made it.

The lip balm has a light sweet scent. The colour, light red. Despite the colour, it's pretty much transparent on my lips. The strawberry flavour isn't all that intense, it's more sweet than anything else. The texture is light and it does a decent job at moisturising. I find myself reapplying every hour, it could just be me having slightly drier lips than usual. I don't particularly fancy it though because of the taste.

If you find yourself loving Smurfette's Strawberry Lip Balm, head on over to Supermodel's Secret who also has loads more beauty stuff to offer. You'll be amazed with what they have!

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*Note: Product courtesy of Only Beauty and Supermodel Secrets.

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