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Name My Kitten Winner!

By 18:19 ,

I apologise for the delay in posting up the results. My internet has been giving me such a headache.

Thank you all so much for your suggestions! :) They were so cute, pretty & a few definitely creative. It's been so difficult to choose just one. Kitten & I sat down for hours looking at the names. Actually I sat & looked, kitten was taking a nap next to me. She did have a look at it after, though. Lol!

Kitten's name is:


from Carol

Congratulations! Please email me with your details (name, full address & contact no.) so I can get your prize over to you.

Wait there's more.. There was a name that sounded very innocent but the reason how it came to be was just beyond me - Velvet/Velvey. Pigita  you really have a vivid imagination! A little something coming your way, so email me your details please.

More giveaways to come coz this one has been great! Thanx loads again!

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  1. congrats to da winner! taffy is awesome!

    xoxo elle

  2. Congratz to the winners! Cute names =]

  3. congrats carol, congrats pigita!!

    and thank god the kitten isn't named Asam Laksa.


    taffy is a good name for her.

    congrats fatin on getting your kitten named beautifully (and on a successful giveaway!)

  4. Taffy is a great name!!

    tx so much for the consolation prize but a cat with TWO names??? Wont it get confused???

    Mon, Wed, Fri = Taffy
    Tue, Thur, Sat = Velvey

    Sun = owner tidur so not calling the kitten.


  5. Thanx all so much.. :)

    Kit: I brought her to the Vet just now.. Happily registered her as Taffy.. If it was Asam Laksa I'd register her as 'Kitten'.. Hahaha

    Pigita: Don't worry all my cats are confused anyway.. Lol..

  6. omg taffy??

    no asam laksa???????????????

  7. Never Super Miu! Muahahahah

    U craving for asam laksa issit..? Come lets go for asam laksa.. ;)

  8. Wargh! i win ka! cant believe it~~

  9. Congrats Carol.. :) Mail me..


Appreciate your comments >_<