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"Private Seduction" Party - Love Luca Lingerie

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Spent the earlier part of Saturday afternoon stalking. Lol! But I'll get to that later. Went to the "Private Seduction" Party at the Seapark Brickhouse after that episode. It was a bit difficult looking for the place. Finally knew I arrived when we saw the hanging lingerie by the entrance. Cool!

Hosted by Khim and Pat, this was an oppurtunity to check out, try on and go home with Love Luca Lingerie's new collection. The pieces are cute, sexy and provocative.

The pinks are sweet yet naughty!

Those one piece lingeries are seriously hot!

There were also lovely scented candles from Yankee Candle for sale.

Apart from food, with "interestingly" decorated cupcakes among them, there were lucky draws and 2 prizes Best Dressed. Get this.. Winners for best dressed got to choose from the gorgeous variety, a set of lingerie of their liking! Freaking lucky! The prizes for the lucky draws were also generous, either a RM50 voucher for Love Luca Lingerie or a spa voucher worth RM100. I got the spa voucher! Yay!

Do you see what I see.. :P

I can't beleive Doroshi ate that!

Best Dressed - Both!

Who picked this? ;)

And who picked this? ;)

I'm not sure how we did it but we did. This is what happens when bloggers dress up for a party. We found a great place to have our own little party. Lol! These few pictures were taken by Zoe with my camera. :)

We found this..

And then did this.. Lol!

I also went home with a goodie bag comprising of a Lingerie Calender, RM20 voucher for Love Luca Lingerie, RM15 voucher for Yankee Candle and a RM68 voucher for waxing from Stripped (Hmm.. Wonder if they can change this to a mani or pedi..)!

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  1. was like our own party..
    happy that I won! so surprise.. lol
    by the way, do upload all those photo to ur album n tag me~~=p

  2. We should have taken more pics!! Lol!!

  3. yes more more pics!! Jean and Fatin should win la. a fat best dress?? I still cant belif it anyway.

  4. Hi Dear^^Nice to meet you that day at the warehouse sale ^^
    I'm having my first giveaway here, , feel free 2 join ya^^thx^^


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