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Dance : 8TV Showdown 2010 LIVE

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The opening was awesome! It was worth the anticipation.

Lets recap the judges, there's Maple Loo dancer/choreographer, Joe Flizzow and the guest judge for this week is BBoy Born from Korea (who is also here for the R16 South East Asia Finals on Saturday).

Here's what I thought about the crews performances last night. Please note these are my personal views which includes constructive criticisms, with no biasness in any way. I think they're all good and strong either individually or as a crew.

Wakaka Crew

Song: B.O.B. by Outkast

They chose the right crew to open with! It was damn cool! Personally thought it was a tiny bit disjointed in the middle. Reminds me of West Side Story. Lol! But lurved it like nuts, seriously impressive!

HMC Phlow Crew

Song : Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk

Some parts weren't very unsynchronised. different style. tight!

Return Crew

Song : Put Your Hands Up by Ne-Yo 

young! impressive. they have so much room to grow and they can only get better. hope for the future.

Famous Crew

Song : Insomnia by Craig David

Timing was good. But didn't fancy the choice of song. It didn't make any impact. Their bboy skillz were a bit of a no show. A bit disappointing.

Feasible Crew

Song : Ya Mama by Fatboy Slim

The finishing was nice! Not very crisp the movements. A bit boring. Need to work a bit more as a crew.

Backyard Revolution Crew

Song : Do You Remember by J Sean ft Sean Paul & Lil John  

The lil one is so so cute!!! Amar's got really good style. Very smooth.  He's having lots of fun. They need t be better as a team. Still very inexperience.

Giler Battle Crew

They are already amazing beakers who have represented Malaysia in Asia and Europe in International BBoy Competitions. So the challenge for them from Maple and Joe was to see if they could be great Dancers as well.

Song : Everyone Knows by N.E.R.D

Connected with the audience really well. Their personality as a crew as well as individuals shone through. Very entertaining. Their dance routine was commendable but i'm sure they could do better. 

Funky UX Force

Song : Flame Thrower by Chris Brown

Canto pop comes to mind! Lol! No offence. They didn't use the stage really well. Lacked energy as compared to previous rounds.  They're musicality was a bit off.

Blacky Wacky Crew

Song : Shawty Get Lose by Lil' Mama ft Chris Brown & T-Pain

Animated but not very neat. Needs more style. They need better choreography as the routine was rather basic.

Floor Fever

Song : Nuthin' On You by BoB ft Bruno Mars

Good choreography. But they weren't as good as they were at auditions, I was impressed with them then. Last night was entertaining though. Good performance.

Borneo Soul Breakerz

Song : Work by Ciara ft Missy Elliot

For a crew that's performing together for the first time they were tight. Relaxed. Working good as a crew. Good use as space. They should have more power moves next week. Synchronised.

Soul Crazy

Song : Gimme Gimme Gimme by Beenie Man

Girl Power! Fierce. Expecting more from them next week. 

Bottom 4 crews as voted by the audience:

Backyard Revolution Crew, Funky UX Force, Borneo Soul Breakerz, Feasible Crew. They were paired up for the battles.

Dj T-Bone was spinning for the battles. Good Music!

Battle 1
Backyard Revolution & Feasible
Feasible were technically, individually stronger. Backyard Revolution needs to gain more experience. They really gotta work on that cute boy! He's got so much untapped potential. Like his style. Feasible got through. For their "star" quality.

Battle 2
Funky UX Force & Borneo Soul Breakerz
Good battle. Funky UX force was hogging the stage. They got style as a team. Borneo Soul Breakerz should've have been a bit more aggressive. Borneo Soul Breakerz got through!

Judges' Pick to save
Funky UX Force

To Borneo Soul Breakerz - Keep on breaking! You can only get better with experience!

Every week starting next week they are goin to get a THEME. This means that they will have to choreograph their routine according to the 'Theme' chosen. They will be choreographing next week's performance to Wild Card - My Life. The crews will have to tell their life story(ies) in a form of dance.

Next week is gonna be interesting!

*Note : All pictures are from the Showdown 2010 Official Site.

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  1. hey there! come to down to this event okay? on the 18th of may :)

  2. they're phreaking cool! try to catch them tmrw on 8tv.. :)


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