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Food: The Apartment Downtown @ KLCC

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This was one of my more greedy days!! I ordered 2 desserts all for me! Mine!
What I had

Sheppard's Pie *New* RM19.90
Beef mince pie topped with mashed potatoes & buttered carrots on the side.

In case you were wondering how it looks like inside ;)

The sautéed carrots still had some crunch. The mince beef and diced vegetables filling, nicely cooked & seasoned. Mashed potato crust could do with a bit more butter. This makes for a simple meal. Quite nice.

Eaton Mess *New* RM11.90
Broken crisp meringue with strawberry, whipped cream and coulis gently folded together.

This is suppose to be "A traditional English dessert". The traditional way of making this dessert is with strawberries either in halves or quarters in the least, folded into it. I have never had it with coulis before, big disappointment. The cream was neither thick nor rich enough for this dessert. The meringue pieces were already partly soggy when it got to me.

It gave me the impression that they were trying to stinge, especially with the strawberries. Turned out to be a huge mess!

Baked Chocolate Pudding RM15.90
Moist chocolate pudding with a burst of coffee in the centre served with vanilla ice cream.

Spoonful of chocolatey yumminess

Can I have some more please? Lol!

The Baked Chocolate Pudding made up for the mess. This was good! The chocolate, coffee, vanilla ice cream and chopped macadamias made for a wonderful combination. The pudding was moist (as described in the menu) and dense (as it should be) with a lovely melted coffee centre. You can tell a generous amount of chocolate was used from its taste. The vanilla ice cream, smooth. Try this!

Where to find it

The Apartment Downtown
Lot G48 & 139, Ground & First Floor,
Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
(Facing the park)
For reservations, call: 03-2166 2257
Opening hours : 11am - 10pm


The Apartment Cafe & Restaurant
Lot 72, 73 & 74, 152
Ground floor (next to TGI Fridays)
Western courtyard,
The Curve shopping centre
Mutiara Damansara
Opening hours : 11am - 10pm

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  1. the other i had the eaton mess and it was awesome... can't wait to try again...

  2. omg sedapnye.
    u make me hungry :D

  3. naddy: hope the one you had was good.. :)

  4. harim: if you like desserts you should try the baked chocolate pudding.. :D


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