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Nivea Angel Star/Menergy Launch @ Youth '10 PWTC

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Youth '10 Festival - Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival was the perfect place to launch NIVEA's Wows & Rocks latest range of deodorants targeted at teens.

I was invited to attend the launch on Friday 28/5, where the dance festival, sports & bazaar were located. Getting there rather early I found myself in the front row with Miu, right in front of the stage.

The launch started off with a dance drama by 36Carat Crew. Very apt especially with the dance fever taking over at the moment. They acted out situations where one dancer ran off with the other's deodorant and how two guys were fighting over a girl but she chose the one who was using the NIVEA deodorant because he smelled nicer. Lol! It was creative and funny. Look who made an appearance - Giller Battle Crew Yawww!! It was a perfect finish with GBC around. Those mad skillz *sigh*! The dance drama really attracted a lot of attention with the youths browsing around the hall.

GBC Yaawww!!

The dancers with Nivea's Senior Brand Manager - Angie Tan

The launch was an attention grabber!

After the show, NIVEA held some contests on stage. No points for guessing what type of contests they were - Dance of course. They got 4 guys on stage to dance in/within a NIVEA box, which eventually they jumped or crawled out off eager to show off their skillz. Lol.. The winner received a NIVEA hamper as well as RM100 in cash and runner up also got a hamper plus RM50 in cash. The other 2 got generous hampers as well, without the cash. :P 

Then the MC got 4 girls on stage. I was thinking of not saying anything about this but oh why not - I volunteered and happily hopped on stage after seeing the hampers. We were asked to belly dance..... with a chair..... belly who?? Omg! For the life of me I didn't know what I was doing with the chair, pretty sure I looked ridiculously funny attempting to belly dance in front a huge crowd. Needless to say participant no. 3 (not me) won a NIVEA hamper along with RM100 in cash and runner up won a NIVEA hamper plus RM50 in cash. But the rest of us got hampers too. Yaayyy!! All in good fun!

Accepting my consolation hamper from Nicole of NIVEA Malaysia

Swweeettt! :)

The last game only required the first 4 people to run to stage with NIVEA products. They got hampers too. It  was showering NIVEA hampers that afternoon!

NIVEA's latest range of deodorant is basically targeted at teens. But I'm going to use the word 'youth' since I love how it smells but no longer a teen. Did I just giveaway my age group?? Oops!

It's for youth who are looking for something different, always active, vibrant and suitable for dancers/breakers too, anytime anywhere. For the girls there is Angel Star and the guys Menergy.

Angel Star
With the tagline "You WOW"! this range is perfect for girls who just wanna have fun, while you're out shopping or even at school. It has a "Wow" factor that will make you feel confident & make heads turn. With an oh so pretty design on the packaging you can just carry this around in your bag. "Hey look, hot guy!" *spray spray*. Lol! It comes in 2 gorgeous scents - Hot Crush (my fave! will definitely make any guy's head turn & start following you around!) & Icy Kiss.

Hot Crush - It makes your senses tingle

Icy Kiss - Fresh

With the tagline "You ROCK!"  this range is rebellious and wild. Guys know what they want, and what they want is a product they can rely on. It can also banish unwanted body ordour even in extreme conditions. Not that you guys smell but this will make you smell yummier! The cool packaging allows the guys to just throw it into their backpacks for those just-in-case times. It comes in 2 great scents - Rebellious (my fave! guys get this coz it'll make the girls just wanna bite you!) & Wild.

Rebellious - Smells great on a guy! ;)


NIVEA's new range of deodorants has a 24-hour anti-perspirant effect, is alcohol-free with exclusive kind-to-skin care formulas. It comes in a roll on and a spray types.

Listen up you GLEEKS!
Contest - You Rock You Wow Moments
In conjunction with the airing of GLEE on NTV 7, NIVEA is giving teenagers a chance to show off their wow & rock moments. Just make a video of you singing and dancing to your favourite tunes with your own unique interpretation and email it to You stand a chance to win - cash prizes, NIVEA products, laptop, camera, iPods. Contest runs from 15/6 - 15/7.

For more information on NIVEA's latest deodorants visit their website. You can also get them from leading pharmacies. *Psst psst - hot crush & rebellious*

And after the launch Miu, Wing plus Me & my NIVEA Hamper wandered off to the bazaars and bought stuff.. :P

It was a really good & fun launch by NIVEA especially with the dancers & GBC!! Great way to attract the teens!

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