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Origins' Regreen The Earth @ Pavilion

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Origins' Regreen The Earth Event on 1st May 2010 was held in conjunction with Earth Day at The Connection, Pavilion.

This was to make the public more aware of the importance of putting back what we have taken too much of from the earth. Trees!! The basis of this campaign is that for every ChicoBag that you purchase, Origins will plant a tree on your behalf. The green ones at RM18 and the cloth ones at RM20.

The Mix Fm Breakfast Crew started off the event at about 4:10 pm, introducing what the event and campaign was about. A few people were then invited onto the stage to share their knowledge and experiences on the importance of re-planting trees as deforestation is an ongoing global issue.

Mix Fm's Breakfast Crew - Ferhad, Rudy & Jay

Dr Loh - Executive Director of the Malaysian Nature Society

Mr Loo - From the Estee Lauder Group of Companies

Will Quah - Host/Weekend Eco-Warrior

To officiate the event/campaign they were asked to plant trees at the front part of the stage, which ended up being a 'who can plant the tree the fastest' race.

Origins believes in starting them young, so they even had activities for the Pavilion Junior Members. There were also lucky draws and games organised by the Mix Fm Road Runners. For every lucky draw, Rudy & Ferhad came up with an impromptu song about that person or anything at all. This reminds me why I miss Rudy being on since I don't really listen to Mix.

The singing duo

The big giveaway was an Origins hamper RM800, to the most amount donated by a person! You'll never guess how much the amount was. I thought it would have been at least RM600. It was only RM160!! I could have donated RM180 and got it for myself. Lol!

The RM800 Hamper

The one who won the hamper!
Just in time for Mothers' Day i guess..

Origins SA were giving out samples to the people at the event as well as passers by in an effort to promote the campaign. Also ran into some blogger friends while I was there.

Samples that were given out

Ones I ran into :)

Didn't miss a chance to take a photo with Will Quah.. ;)
So very photogenic! (Him not me.. lol..)

However the event was cut short due to drizzles which eventually turned into a heavy downpour. It didn't resume since the rain went on for quite a while. Maybe it could have been held in a covered area at least. Seeing as it rains almost every evening it would have been a logical thing to do. Though it would also have defeated the purpose of having a 'Regreen The Earth' that should be outdoors. Well we'll just have to wait for next year's then..

Commendable effort though!

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