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Shoes You Desire @ Delicious Cafe

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Shoes You Desire is the first event organised by WEVents together with Nose and Marie Claire to overwhelming response. Held at Delicious Cafe, Marc Residence last week 11/5, it was a women only event with a lot of shoes!

There were about 70 guests that evening

It one of those things men just don't understand. How many pairs of shoes does a woman really need? The answer is: Loads! Lol!

Jeanisha Wan, Managing Consultant of WEVents promised a wonderful evening filled with nothing but shoe talk, meeting new people  and of course cake. This reminded me of a more modern version of a 'Tupperware Party'.

Jeanisha Wan

We didn't get to choose the cakes, so this was mine
Steamed banana cake with toffee sauce.. :)

Aileen's Cake
Strawberries & cream sandwiched between a light vanilla sponge..

The evening continued with Sue Koh, Nose (M) Sdn Bhd merchandising director introducing the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. This season's collection is a mix of styles from feminine to chic, gladiator sandals to pumps as well as the ballerina flats you can't live without. It has a very summery feel as summer is just around the corner. Tribal Art designs are also very big this season.

Sue Koh

Sweet & Feminine

Putting tribal art into play

The platform style is suppose to be more stable despite the height

Tribal art inspired ballerina flats.. Quite pretty..

I like these! But look at the heels!


This ones waterproof!

Shoes & bags were passed around for all to try and take pictures of them wearing the shoes. Paige, the model for the evening also modelled some of the shoes. And if the shoes fits you & you liked it, you can buy it there and then, or you just drop in at one of their stores and make full use of the 20% voucher thats in the goodie bag.

Pretty! Not sure if I should get it..
It's soooo high!

L: Kelly's feet! Looks nice on her.
R: My feet! The shoe wasn't in my size.. Lol!

Sue also mentioned the best way to organise shoes is to take pictures of them and stick them on the outside of the box. This way you don't have to open every box and end up running late.

I managed to get my picture in the Star newspaper too! To read the write up by the Star click 'shoes'. Obviously the photographer meant to take a picture of Sue holding up the shoes, not me. *sigh*

Source: The Star Newspaper 17/05/10
I'm not sure why I'm looking at the shoe angrily.. lol!

According to Jeanisha the next WEVevent will be sometime in August. So dont forget to follow them on facebook here to find out the exact date.

With Aileen

With Kelly

This was really fun! Looking forward to the next one from WEVents! Please do bags. Pretty please.. :)

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  1. the sweet and feminine shoes nicee

  2. wow this is awesome!!!

    by the way I Am taking part in contest and need referral points, can help? its need to blog the contest at blog then mention refer by sherry.

  3. whoaa!!! GLAMOUR PUSS!! come out in star newspaper... lookin at shoes angriliy!!!

    hey hey the goodie bags look big n nice..what's inside? brochures?

  4. doroshi: they're very pretty.. i like the tribal flats though..

  5. sherry: hmm.. i'm not sure i understand what you mean.. but if you gimme a bit more details maybe i can try help.. :)

  6. miu!: lol!! not my intention to get myself in the papers.. by accident only..

    oh yeah i forgot about the goodie bags.. it had :

    1) Delicious Times
    2) Marie Claire Mag
    3) MPH Postcards
    4) Nose 20% Discount Voucher
    5) bSYI 10% Discount Voucher

    sadly no free shoes!! lol!!

  7. Missed it.. last day of exam, went for activity with coursemate..

  8. just saw this Fatin. Good one. Thanks for promoting our WEVent. Next one coming up on 3rd Aug. We heard everyone's cries for bags but the committee decide to have a change since bags were also showcased by NOSE the last round. So it will be hair. details will be on FB soon and we'll also be sending out invites sometime end Jun.

  9. Thanx Jeanisha! Hair is good too.. Can't wait for the next event.. :)


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