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WANPA @ The Curve

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When Rosix Omar invited me to come by and check out a show he was involved in I didn't realise he would be showcasing his latest collection.

It was a Hairkunst Show with the models dressed in WANPA. WANPA a label by Rosix Omar and Ridzuan Ismail, still fresh in the local fashion scene have only been around for less than a year ( I stand corrected on this).

The Show on Saturday was in conjunction with The Curve's 'A Spring Time Green Party' held between 6-9 May 2010.

When I got there the show opened with Radhi from OAG already singing on stage. The show continued with hair creatively styled in various ways imaginable with outfits to match.

Nora Danish
*This is the same dress Diana Danielle wore to AIM 2010

Now these ones stole the show! Don't they look like real women from far. ;)

Dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Dancing to Lady Gaga's Telephone

It was an interesting show especially with the Paperdolls. Talking to Rosix after the show I found out that a famous local celebrity ordered a few dresses from them due to be delivered today. That's quite an achievement for a young label.

With Rosix
(He's gone slightly chubby since I last saw him.. ;p)

With Radhi OAG

Congratulations on a good show and already waiting for your next collection. :) Wonder who will be the subject of the next "stalking session". Hmm.. could it be Real?! KAKA!! Lol!!

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