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Giveaway - NIVEA Hot Crush!

By 18:20 ,

In conjunction with NIVEA's latest deodorant launch, I'm having a giveaway!

I wanna share with you my favourite scent from NIVEA's latest range - Angel Star Hot Crush! It's super hot! Trust me you want this..

NIVEA Angel Star Hot Crush 50ml
NIVEA Whitening Inner Cell Repair Body Milk 75ml
NIVEA Visage Deep Pore Control Cleansing Foam 50g

All you have to do is answer 2 questions:
1) Do you use deodorant? Yes/No
2) Reason for yes/no answer.
Remember to be creative/funny/strange with your answers! :)

Terms & Conditions:
1) You must be a follower of my blog. Just click on 'Follow'.
2) Leave your Follower Id & Email.
3) Blog about it if you have a blog & leave me a comment.
4) Open to all in Malaysia only.

Follower Id: FatiN
1) No
2) Because I like going au naturel but would lurv to try NIVEA's Hot Crush so that my crush won't run away everytime I go near him! Lol!

Submit entries by : 7/6/10 (Monday) 11pm

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  1. Follower id: Doroshi
    Blog link:

    1) No.
    2) Reason: Because am phobia with deodorant, as they are sticky and leave a white patch under my arms, when i raise my arms and wave to my love, he turns green! Ohh not to mention when i was gona hug my frens around their neck..they all turned away n give me a handshake instead. Lol..

  2. Follower id: sherry
    email: sherrygo at hotmail dot com

    blog link

    1) Do you use deodorant? No
    2) Reason :
    This is not funny but I can tell you that I can smell my own sweat. Eww..

  3. Follower id: susan
    Blog link:

    1) YEs
    2) Reason: Because i would like to have smell good body after shower. I dont like my own sweat snell..Besides that, hope the usage of deodorant to increase my pheromone and attract guy attention..:)It smell good, gorgeous and relax mind after used deodorant..:)

  4. Follower id: Kelly
    Blog Link:
    1) Yes
    2) It is summer 365 days here in Malaysia (hot hot hot & humid) makes me sweat a lot. Sometimes, I can smell my sweat, arrrghh shy away from people. That is terrible. So I use deodorant to keep smelling good, fresh and comfortable. Yeah babe! Beauty is Confidence.

  5. Follower id: with love, elle
    Email: wifluvelle at gmail dot com
    Blog link:

    1) Yes
    2) Reason: Only now im in m'sia that i uses deodorant, coz i sweat so much >.< also, i seem to finish my perfume faster here lol

  6. Follower Id: juli1202
    Email: juli1202[at]hotmail[dot]com

    1) Yes
    2) Everyone sweats. If you don’t then you are Not Normal and need to get that checked out immediately!

    I always wear deodorant. I don't think I would trust myself to know for sure that I wasn't smelly enough to need a deoderant.

    I do not like the feeling of going without it. I always fear I smell awfull & I don't want to walk around being super smelly!

  7. - - - - submissions closed - - - -

  8. hi fatin,
    searched for your blog after meeting you at yesterday's pantene event. would be reading your blog on a regular basis from now on :)


Appreciate your comments >_<