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The Big F&N Fun Fest @ Bukit Bintang

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I was part of Malaysia's 1st Biggest Human Smiley on Saturday!!

Aerial View
See the arrow, I was right infront ;)

It's not like I woke up Saturday morning and decided, "I feel like being in a ginormous smiley today!" Lol! I was over at Bukit Bintang to check out the dance perfomances as part of The Big F&N Fun Fest. A few of the crews that were in 8TV's Showdown 2010 were there - Funky Fresh Family, Soul Krazy, Famous Crew, HMC Phlow and Wakaka. Sadly GBC weren't around, but spotted Juicy & Heat (now GBC, no longer BSB) showing off they're stuff on the platform!

Got Juicy (GBC) from the back :(

Denise Keller - one of the hosts

Floor Fever

HMC Phlow

Famous Crew

Soul Krazy (without Becky & Lady Seven)


A mini reunion

The BatteryHeadz were there to entertain and accompany the Funky Fresh Family in one of their routines. Shazet (The Human Beat Box) was just phreaking cool!

Lurv the ♥ on the cap!

I missed the ealier bands (Tilu, Yuna, Najwa) that played and the Rangsit University cheerleaders from Thailand though. :(

Back to the human smiley, it took about 45 mins for the huge smiley to fill up with people in black & yellow tshirts. But when it did, the aerial view was awesome! (It did kinda start to smell at one point of time. Tried to hold my breathe but gave up in fear of passing out! That would've been soo embarassing.) And then the Hope balloons were released simultaneously. The sky was filled with orange balloons floating off with messages attached to it.

For about a few minutes oranges balloons filled the sky at Bukit Bintang

After fulfilling my role as a speck of yellow, I wandered off to check out the F&N booths. They were giving out free F&N can drinks! This Fun Fest was not without goodieeess.. *winks*

The F&N Graffiti

Buy 2 bottles of 500ml F&N drinks for RM3 (which is really cheap!) then get a coupon to redeem a smiley tshirt. At the smiley tshirt booth you get to pick the accessories you want for your smiley and then get them ironed on. After that, get your picture taken with a message. Finally your picture will find its way to the F&N wall!

Created my own smiley tshirt.
Yeah the tshirt's in "S"! lol

The pics gets on the wall

It continued with bands like Pesawat, Bittersweet and loads more playing through out the evening to end the Fun Fest!

Despite the sweatiness and the smells, it was LoAdS of FuN!!

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  1. wow ! you were there ?! I saw this from TV news too ! Amazing events and very meaningful ^^

  2. oh u went! i saw this when I came out from Westin from whole night work.. I went McD to have breakfast. LOL

  3. i got sent u message in ur FB.
    if u dun mind, hope can add u.
    u r really tendy here...
    i read ur blog until here so far


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