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Lancôme Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 Collection

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I was invited by Lancôme to be their facemodel and to preview the Spring 2011 Collection yesterday and trust me when I say the colours are super pretty!! The collection created by Aaron de Mey is aptly named Ultra Lavande for its use of lavenders and pinks. The colors enhances any womens' natural beauty.

The Collection features a mineral blusher, eye palettes, lip colours and gloss, khol pencils and nail colours. But for the purposes of the session only part of the collection was used.

The first thing that caught my eye was the Butterflies Fever Healthy Glow Mineral Blusher (RM110). The butterfly design embossed on it screams sheer prettiness and chic feminity! The mix of pink, lavender, violet and peach is just nice for that bright and healthy glow *hence the name.. lol*.

Pretty butterflies!! *sigh*

The two eye palettes are - Sparkling Mineral Eye Colour Quad (RM140) in Ultra Lavande Warm Harmony is a purple-pink-silver combination while the Ultra Lavande Cold Harmony is a purple-lavender-gold combination. The colours are not very pigmented so it's perfect for Spring. It goes on really smoothly and is easy to blend.

Ultra-Lavande Warm Harmony

Swatch for Warm Harmony

Ultra-Lavande Cold Harmony

Swatch for Cold Harmony

After applying either one of the palettes, just use the Kohl Liner to add more definition to the eyes. The shade used on me was Pink Ballerina which is a light pink colour.

The lip colours (RM75) come in three shades - Lili Rose, Daisy Rose and Berry Rose. With a creamy light texture, it stays on quite well.

Mel from Sogo Lancome counter did a "light contrast, light situation" look on me. Which basically means, soft eyes and light face - Super Sweet Look! *winks* He used the Cold Harmony eye palette to open up my eyes and heavy definition with loads of mascara! Lurv it! And on my lips, Lili Rose. He nailed the look!

Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 Collection launches next week and should be available by end of the month. So drop by any Lancôme counter to try it out!

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  1. Love the looks!!!
    can't wait the blusher to come out!! been waiting for it ever since i saw the sneak peek! wonder how much will it be? emmm

  2. is that real lashes on u, fatin? beautiful!

    xoxo elle

  3. pink princess: i lurv the butterflies on the blusher! lol.. I'm not sure about the price but will check for you and post it here in the next few days.. :)

  4. thanx elle! they're real but the mascara had a lot to do with it.. ;)

  5. fatin has insanely nice long lashes... even without mascara, this only further prompts me to scold her... haha..

    nice nice colors on you! u look almost like michelle phan aka malay version.

    I don't quite like lancome cosmetic products, but their genifique is to die for!

  6. Hahaha!! thanx! i don't think i look like michelle phan though but her skill is amazing!

    i currently seem to have a thing for purple eyeshadows.. don't ask me why.. :p

  7. Sorry it took so long.. Price List:
    Blush - RM110
    Eye Quad - RM140
    Lip Colours - RM75


Appreciate your comments >_<