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My Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Campaign

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Pretty Powerful is...

It only takes 5 minutes to Pretty in Bobbi Brown's latest campaign. It's not about wearing loads of make up and hiding yourself. Instead it's about using the most basic of products and tips to enhance your natural pretty-ness. I so agree plus it's loads faster! *smiles*

5 Minutes to Pretty ;)

Sapphira made me look pretty in just 5 minutes :)

Bobbi says..

"This season, I was inspired to ask my friends - not models - to be the face of my new campaign. They're pretty to begin with, but with just a few simple tweaks, they looks they're absolute, most confident best. That's pretty powerful." - Bobbi Brown

"Pretty Powerful is about enhancing your individual beauty. It's about following your own path to who you want to be, whether that's wearing just a touch of concealer, a bright red lipstick or full face makeup. Pretty Powerful is also a state of mind. It's about being comfortable in your own skin, knowing what's important to you, and doing what makes you happy. When you feel goof about yourself there's no limit to what you can do - and that's powerful." - Bobbi Brown

This is a really fun yet powerful campaign. So get yourself to the nearest Bobbi Brown outlet, get prettified in 5 minutes and get your photo taken. Your photo will be uploaded to Then get your friends to vote for your photo to win loads of amazing prizes!

Grand Prize: A Bobbi Lifestyle Trip to New York City!!

Contest runs: 14/2 - 6/3 2011

Pretty Powerful Palettes - RM230

Lurv the colours!!

The Pretty Powerful Stop at Pavilion KL

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  1. Hi. This is interesting. Do we have to pay/buy anything to participate?

  2. hey! :) no need to buy or pay for anything.. just get yourself there and tell them you want to be apart of the campaign..

    but if you want to get a printed copy of the photo you have to spend more than rm240.. otherwise it will be uploaded on the official site..

  3. nice one! i am going next sat!

  4. wow u look like a classic lady!
    nice fotd!

    xoxo elle

  5. The color palatte is prettiee, i mst say! :)


Appreciate your comments >_<