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Pretty Powerful VIP Party

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The Pretty Powerful Campaign to me:
"It showcases women who dare to embrace their unique individualities making them stand out for effortlessly being themselves".

Even before you can say "Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful", the Campaign has taken on a mind of its own! In just 11 days, over 500 photos have been uploaded on to the official site. The support has been so ovewhelming that it takes ages for the page to

I was at the Pretty Powerful VIP Party on Thursday evening at Midvalley to celebrate the campaign. Sebastien Tardif, Bobbi Brown Asia Pacific, Regional Director of Artistry was around to demonstrate how to use the Pretty Powerful palettes. He also gave a few quick tips!

Pretty Palette - Suitable for cool skin tone or could be used as a day palette. Medium skin tones can use this as a highlighter. Sebastien tried the colours on Carina for this.

Powerful Palette - Suitable for warm skin tone or for you ladies who prefer a more glam look. Sebastien tried the colours on Tracie.

But you know what, it's really up to you which palette you fancy. Or you could just get them both! Lol! Sebastien also shared some tips for on how to get a soft natural look for the eyes. Instead of using a brush when applying eyeshadow, don't be afraid to use your fingers to just gently blend it on. To get a soft definition for the eyes, just wet your eyeliner brush and use an eyeshadow to line the eyes. I've been wanting to try the 'use eyeshadow to  line the eyes' trick but can't seem to put my kohl liner down. :P

It was a great party to promote their latest campaign, with loads of support from their loyal fans. DJ Azura (yes the supermodel!) kept the party going til late.

With the fabulous celebrity designer Amir Luqman
*She'll be launching her ready to wear collection in April, which will be super affordable! So look out for it. ;)

With Juliana Evans

With the lovely Sapphira

So, if you haven't gotten your Pretty Powerful photo taken yet, head down to the nearest Bobbi Brown outlet. New York baby!!

Click here to check out my Pretty Powerful photo.

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